New Vtech gadget, Storio the Ebook Reader.

Read My new Full Review of the Storio here:

Trust me to be behind with the times, I’ve only just started thinking about getting Thomas and Jacob the Leapfrog Tag and Tag Junior and now all of a sudden the Storio comes along.

Vtech’s newest gadget the Storio is described by them as an animated reading system, I would say more like my first Kindle, although quite a bit jazzier.The Storio has been designed to be an interactive storybook, enabling your child to read the story, watch the story and play reading games featuring key words and definitions relating to the story.

Even better than a Kindle, the Storio has a colour touch screen and a qwerty keyboard.

Apart from the included story which comes with the Storio, additional titles will also be available for purchase.

Parents will be able to monitor their child’s learning by printing out progress reports and reading certificates, sounds suspiciously like the Leapfrog learning path to me but a good feature nonetheless.

The Storio obviously isn’t the Leapfrog tag, it does so much more. However they do primarily do similar things, read out the story and hopefully help your child with learning to read at the same time. It has made me think twice about buying the Tag system now as I was seriously going to go out and buy one at the end of the week. I may go and have a look at the Tag and check it out, and maybe wait for some more info on the Storio before I decide.

The Vtech Storio has been announced with an early Fall 2010 release date and will retail at approximately $59.99, so that’ll be £59.99 in the UK then.

Read My new Full Review of the Storio here:

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