Nintendo DS Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun – Review

My boys are both gadget mad! DS, PSP, Leapfrog, and MobiGo we’ve got them all, and that’s only the handhelds! So when the opportunity to review the new Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun game for the Nintendo DS came up, they were both very happy to oblige.

I love the fact that Peppa Pig is almost equally loved by boys and girls alike, as well as mums and dads. I will happily admit to sitting down and enjoying the odd episode with a cup of tea and a biscuit. The game is in exactly the same vein as the TV show, it even has the same wonderful John Sparkes narration guiding you along the way.

The premise is that Peppa and George are headed for a family day out to a local theme park, and your there with them every step of the way. You start of the day by waking both Peppa and her little brother George up, then brush teeth, get dressed, make sandwiches, fix the car, play eye spy, all before your even at the main event!

At the Theme Park there are fairground rides to be ridden, snacks to be made, and fun sideshow games to be played. Both Jacob and Thomas enjoyed the shooting gallery game the most, and the good thing is that you can play your favourites over and over again by choosing that mini game from the menu.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun is brilliant for younger gamers because all the instruction is given over by the narrator, there’s no text to be seen. Also most of the games are ¬†intuitive enough that little or no instruction is really needed anyway.

As a parent this is a big plus from me, as I often watch the boys get frustrated with so called toddler games for the DS which feature a lot of text instruction, thus meaning a lot more help from mummy and daddy is needed. Both Boys were fine with Theme Park Fun, and mummy got a bit of well deserved peace while they played.

So if your looking for a DS game that’s guaranteed to be played with by the little ones, rather than ending up doing most of the work yourself, I would definitely recommend Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun.

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