Nintendo Post E3 Event

Recently it seems all I’ve done is go back and forth to London on the train. One of the downfalls of not living in the capital when it comes to PR events.

Last Thursday however I positively bounded out of bed I was that excited to get going. As for this trip I was going to an event I’ve never been to before – A Nintendo event!

Yes, last week I travelled down to Covent Garden to catch up with the Nintendo bod’s at their London Post E3 event. Getting my mitts on loads of amazing games nearly a year early was something I wasn’t going to pass up.

Not being a Londoner I wandered around looking for the venue for a while until I happened upon this massive mural. Ah this must be the place then :)

As soon as I was inside I was totally in my element. How I wish I could have taken the boys with me, they would have had a field day. Unfortunately I’m a nasty mum who made them go to school, so the games would just have to be played by me.

On entering the first thing I came across was a massive bank of 3DS XL consoles. I firstly tried my hand at Yoshi’s New Island.

My youngest Jacob was a big fan of the last Yoshi Island game on the DS, so I was excited to see what Nintendo had done this time around.

It was only a short demo of the first few levels, but I could already tell that he would love this new Yoshi game also. It’s a lot like the previous Yoshi’s Island, but the with added benefits of the 3D effect of the 3DS. It looked gorgeous on the bigger 3DS XL screen, and made me wish I had an XL too. I think I need an upgrade around christmas time.

Next on the 3DS XL I checked out Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which is another instalment of the popular Mario and Luigi RPG games.

The last of these games Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story has always been another of my youngest’s favourite DS games. It’s probably the only turn based game he’s ever played, but he always loved it.

I’ve never really understood what was going on, so I was interested to see whether this Dream Team would be any easier for me to grasp.

I definitely found Mario and Luigi:Dream Team easier to control than the previous games. It’s still tricky to begin with moving the Mario Bros separately, but I did get used to it pretty quickly.

I loved the humour as Mario entered Luigi’s dream’s and used hundred’s of mini Luigi’s to create a giant wrecking ball to topple the bad guys. There was also a section where you had to pull dreaming Luigi’s moustache to climb up to the next platform. Really good fun, and I can’t wait to play this all day long!

With so many games just itching to be tested, I had to move quickly around the booths. I next made my way over to the Mario Wii U area, and got busy with Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D Land.

Mario Kart 8 was brilliant fun as we’ve come to expect from Mario Kart. It’s more of the same, but with improved HD graphics, new tracks to get stuck into, and a really cool anti gravity thing, where you can ride up the walls.

Also a fun feature which will probably keep the kids very amused, but the parents not so much is the addition of a pressable horn on the Wii U touchpad screen.

Don’t worry I didn’t finish 8th – I won all my races, and the Star Cup :)

If I’m totally honest Super Mario 3D Land was the big game I was incredibly excited about playing – Just so I could experience being Cat Mario

And the game didn’t disappoint. Firstly being able to play Super Mario 3D Land on the big screen this time around, rather than the 3DS screen was incredible. Although I loved having the last game portable, it’s always great to see your favourite games blown up on the TV screen.

Cat Mario is officially the best Mario Level Up Ever! I love him sooooo much. Plus he’s not just there to be cute, being a Cat has its advantages too. You can climb up the walls to reach platforms which would otherwise be out of reach. He bounds about the screen rather than running (not really an advantage, just funny) And I love that if you climb up a wall and then let go Mario will slowly drag his claws down the wall rather than falling straight off.

I was also swooning over the fact that the Item to gain Cat Mario was a Little Cat Bell, which dings when you collect it.

Never mind what the rest of the game is like, Cat Mario is awesome

I’m only sorry I couldn’t get any photos of him for you. My camera messed that up unfortunately.

With time quickly running out I ran over to test the new Mario and Sonic at The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games before I had to go and catch my train home.

As a family we all enjoy the Mario and Sonic series, and it’s always a great family game night when we whip it out and have a tournament.

I’ve only had the pleasure of playing the 2 Summer Olympics variations before, so trying out the Winter events was something new for me.

We had three events we could try out on the day, Team Bobsled, Snowboarding, and a mixed event which changed vehicles as you travelled along the course similar to Sonic All Star Racing Transformed.

All three event courses were easy to navigate and control with the motion control of the Wii U Gamepad screen. Out of the three The Team Bobsled was my personal favourite, although all three were extremely fun.

I think I enjoyed the Bobsled the most as I found it amusing that Sonic, Mario, Bowser, and Waluigi were all teamed together. I seemed bizarre seeing Sonic and Waluigi both puffing as they pushed the bobsled over the start line.

and with that  I realised it was time for me to bid Nintendo and London adieu. Thanks for having me, and I can’t wait to get these games home next year :)



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