Notcutts Garden Centres

Being a website predominantly dealing with toys, I was surprised to be offered the opportunity to take a look at Notcutts Garden Centres website and pick out a few things to review on Toybuzz.

It turns out the the Notcutts website is actually a virtual Aladdin’s Cave filled with not just your usual garden centre fare, but also tons of Calendars, Gifts, Books and most importantly for me toys!

Notcutts are a family owned firm comprising 19 garden centres although most of them are around the south east, so nowhere near me. No matter as I spent a good hour yesterday umming and aahing  over what to buy as there was so much choice.

I was really surprised by the wide range of goods, and also the resonable prices. Theres also the bonus of free delivery, and at the moment 20% off the Christmas range of gifts and decorations when you spend over £30.

In the end I plumped for a pack of 4 Toy Story Puzzles, Magic Kit, A Desktop Pool Table and a Brush Robot kit to make with the kids in the week off school before Christmas.

Hope they all arrive soon so I can get reviewing. No more snow please, I’m waiting for toys!

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