Like every mother with a toddler aged child at the moment, I have Octonauts mad children…or should that be Octonuts! Anyway both my 5yr old and 3yr old were instantly taken with this new ocean dwelling team of aqua do gooders.

After a few weeks I have now established that they all live together in the Octopod helping out marine life, but to be honest I’ve no idea why?

Anyhow Thomas and Jacob seem well and truly hooked at the moment, they couldn’t care less why a bunny, kitten, penguin and Polar bear are all living under the sea together. Whilst I think about it, why does Professor Inkling who’s an Octopus, the only one who does live under the sea in real life, live in the Octopod purposely out of the water? No matter I’m probably over thinking things.

The Octonauts were originally a set of 4 books by Meomi, which have now been made into a cartoon series and is later this year to have it’s very own toy range made by Fisher Price.

I wasn’t aware of the book series before we watched the show on Cbeebies, so will make sure to look for it next time we go to the library as the boys will really love to read about Captain Barnacles and the crews adventures before bed. If they go down well i’ll probably buy the set of 4 too.

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I’m off to Toy Fair next week, very excited understandably. If theres any news on the Octonauts toys front I’ll be sure to let you know.

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