Our latest Ideal Games Group Bloggers Bundle

We’ve been having lots of piggy fun recently courtesy of our Ideal Games bundle of Pig related games.

We were sent Pig Out!, Pig goes pop! and the not piggy but just as fun Doh-Nutters.

All the games are perfect simple easy to set up action games for a family fun night in.

We let the games begin with Pig goes pop! It’s a game that the boys have seen advertised on television for ages, and have always wanted to play. So we were all really excited to get going and see what it took to make pig go pop!

The premise is simple. Load the greedy piggy chef up with food, and watch his belly getting bigger and bigger until the inevitable happens.

You roll the dice to determine which colour burger to feed the pig, taking note of what number is on the bottom. This number is how many times you need to press down on the pigs hat as he’s eating. Each press of the hat see’s his belly balloon a little more.

It’s an incredibly tense game considering all you’re doing is feeding the pig burgers, and it always ends up in erupting laughter when the pigs belly pops out and his shirt flies open.

A big thumbs up from Toybuzz for this burger chomping pig.

The next day we got ready to play Pig Out!

To play pig out you need to wear snout masks, you get four in total. You use these to snout around in the game board which is really a trough, well a trough that oinks actually.

To win the game you need collect one piece of each of the different pieces of fruit and veg with your snout. Theres Lemons, Oranges, Potatoes and Apples.

However it’s not as simple as just trying to get the food into your snout, which is tricky enough in itself. You have to deal with the other dastardly piggy players who’ll be out to steal your food for themselves.

When you roll the dice you can either be told to snout out some food, or steal or swap a piece of your choice from another player. So just when you think you have one more piece left to win, someone can roll a steal and take your precious food away again.

It took a while for the game to get going as you have to wait for someone to roll Pig Out to start, but then it was non stop until Jacob was triumphant.

Last but not least it’s that old favourite Doh Nutters, which seems to have been around for donkeys years but somehow I’ve never had the chance to play it. I’m so glad to finally get a copy of our own as I’ve always wanted to have a go.

Doh Nutters is the simplest of the games to explain, you wear an elephant trunk mask and try to get your three coloured doughnuts on your trunk to win. That’s it, but by Jove it’s fun.

I was surprised by how hard Doh Nutters was to play though. I knew it would be tricky, but we found it near enough impossible. Lots of laughing and shouting as the doughnuts get put on and then fall off the trunks, but smaller younger children who get frustrated easily could find it too much after a while (i.e. my boys)


We had some great games nights with all these games, but our top pick of the bunch would be Pig goes Pop!

Thanks to Ideal and John Adams for sending us such a great piggy games pack to review


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