Pecos Bill – App Review

Pecos Bill is an App from The Rukus Media Group, a brilliant company that focus on making amazing kid and family orientated apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

I originally found Rukus Media through the news that they will be producing three new apps based around Hasbro brands, My Little Pony, Transformers and Tonka Chuck and Friends. I’m so glad that I did find out about them, as they already have an incredible back catalogue of kids apps, just ready and waiting for me to explore, and that I never knew anything about.

The American readers among you will no doubt be very familiar with the stories of wild west hero Pecos Bill, but I’m sure my UK compatriates will, like me, be unaware of the tale of the cowboy brought up by coyotes.

Me and my boys sat down and watched the 24 minute video, riveted by by the fun and exciting story. It help that the action is read by Robin Williams, who obviously puts a lot into his performance and really makes the already enthralling story something extra special.

When I started up the video I noticed the 24 minutes counter and thought that I seemed a little long and the kids might get a bit bored, but I really shouldn’t have worried. The wondeful illustrations, storyline and voiceover meant that the time flew by. Not to mention the very fitting soundtrack by Ry Cooder, which played along in the background and although not overly memorable, added to the setting of the story nicely.

When you’ve finished watching the main video with the story being told to you the fun doesn’t stop, there are another 2 options left. You can choose to read the story along like a normal book, reading the words underneath the now familiar illustrations, and turning the pages as you would a real book. Alternatively you can take over the Robin Williams job and make a recording of yourself reading along with the story for your young ones to enjoy.

Thomas and Jacob were both totally enamoured with this tall tale of the unlikely cowboy and the first ever cattle drive, it really spoke to my adventure loving boys and I would definitely recommend it to parents looking for a good storytelling app for their children.

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