Peppa Pig’s Party Time App – Review

Peppa Pig’s Party time for the iPad is a great little App for the little ones, all set around the premise of organising and participating in Peppa’s birthday celebrations.

You do this by working your way through a series of 6 mini games. In the first you decorate and send out the party invitations, adding stickers and stamps. Plus you get to decide who to invite to the party as well.

Next on the agenda is making up the party bags, picking which little toys and sweets to fill them with. Then making the  all important birthday cake.

After all that hard work it’s time for some fun with the party games. You get to play Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel and then smash the Piñata.

The first three mini games are for one person only, but you can do the mini games in any order you want, and also play them as many times as you want. Boys being boys they both wanted to have a go at the party invites and cooking, so they took it in turns to do the mini game and then the other one replayed it afterwards, that way everyone was happy.

The three Party game apps can have up to 4 players joining in, so they could both play these ones together. You can choose to play as any of the eight characters main characters from the series, Zoe Zebra, Pedro Pony, Emily Elephant, Rebecca and Richard Rabbit, Danny Dog,  Peppa and George. You pick who you want to play as by dragging their icon over to your nearest corner of the iPad. I thought we might struggle with space when we all played together, but the system worked well and we all had fun with it.

My two liked the fact that you get to choose which character you want to play as at the start of each game. Thomas got frustrated when his pick Danny Dog was out on the first go of Musical Chairs, so was relieved he didn’t have to pick him for pass the parcel as well. I know it’s just a game, and it was his fault he was out first go anyway but it’s a little thing that made his time playing with the app more enjoyable.

As you’ve been playing the App takes little snapshots of the best moments and compiles them all in a photo album for you to reminisce about all the things you did when your time with the app is over.

Peppa Pig’s Party Time iPad app lasted for longer than I expected, and has also been revisited more times than I was anticipating. Designing the party invitations and Filling the Party bags seem to be my little ones 2 favourite activities, and because all of the mini games are independent, it means that more often than not he will just do those. However if his brother is around then the musical chairs are likely to come out. All in all a really enjoyable, well thought out app that’s easy to use, and has great replay value.

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