Personalised Disney Photo Gifts

Breakfast and Dinner time was so much easier when Jacob was smaller, he just had the sippy cup given to him and drunk his drink. As Jacob’s now constantly trying to press onto everyone how much of a big boy he is, the sippy cup has been relegated to the back of the cupboard and he wants a proper cup.

This wasn’t a problem for a while, Thomas had his Scooby Doo cup like he always does and Jacob had an old Thomas the Tank engine one. Everyone was happy….that was until Jacob decided Thomas the Tank was for babies!

Now we have both boys running to the kitchen at breakneck speed every breakfast time just to get there hands on the Big Boys Scooby Doo cup, and obviously whoever loses instantly bursts into tears and is in a bad mood all day.

Well I’ve had enough and have been scouting the shops for two cups that will fulfil all of the boys requirements and end the daily squabble (well the one about the cup anyway). I think I might have finally found the answer with these Disney themed personalised photo mugs from Jessops.

As with most children at the minute both of my boys are obsessed with Toy Story. Santa’s sack will be positively bulging with Woody and Buzz gifts for them both this year, so these Toy Story Photo Mugs will be right up their street. Plus the best part is they can have their photo on their mug and so ending the arguments about whose mug it is.

If Toy Story isn’t up your Children’s street you can choose from other Disney favourites like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Cars amongst others.

As well as mugs you can also personalise a poster or canvas, Mouse mat or even a brilliant notebook for school.

Brilliant stocking fillers for Christmas. I just wish they did personalised cereal bowls too, now that’s another Breakfast time argument I need to solve.

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