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Pillow Pets – Competition

As you may remember just before Christmas we got the chance to test out one of the new Football Mascot Pillow Pets. Boy, was he a big hit!

If you’ve not heard of Pillow Pets before (where have you been?) Pillow Pets are seriously cute ultra soft and cuddly toys, which have a special twist.

Open up the strap underneath and your Pillow Pet transforms into a soft pillow. They are great for travelling, sleepovers, naps on the sofa, my boys even use them every night as an extra pillow in bed.

Well now you have the chance to see what all the fuss is about, with the chance to win a Pillow Pet of your very own.

Pillow Pets have given Toybuzz 2 Pillow Pets to give away to lucky readers. Plus you can choose which one you’d like to win from any of the 16 designs in the originals collection from

If it was for me I would probably choose  the Magical Unicorn, but I know if the boys got to choose another it would have to be Scooby Doo.

Although Jacob is quite into Elephants at the moment, as he’s reciting a poem about Elephants for his school Eisteddfod this year. So he would maybe be swayed to pick Nutty Elephant.

So it’s over to you, Just leave a comment below telling me which Pillow Pet you would pick, and you could be one of the lucky winners and give your chosen Pillow Pet a new home.

Competition ends midnight Wednesday 13th February.



    My daughter is scooby doo mad so it would have to be scooby :)

  • Pillow Pets are fab! My 2 youngest kids got one each off Santa the Snuggle Puppy which was my daughter’s favourite present!! and the Comfy Panda for my son. Think my eldest felt a little left out that she didn’t get one so would love to win the Playful Penguin for her :-) ))

  • Scooby Doo

  • I love huggable hippo

  • Silly Monkey please

  • Panda

  • I just know that my son would love the Playful Penguin. Its adorable! <3

  • Huggable Hippo

  • comfy panda please

  • the panda, it’s gorgeous

  • panda maybe i may change my mind if i might win

  • Playful penguin

  • Well, my wife calls me The Bear, so…i guess there’s only one choice!!!

    These Pillows are amazing!

  • I would like the panda one.

  • love the panda

  • def the chilly little penguin my daughter hope who is 5 would love one of these

  • I love the playful penguin!

  • my sons favourite would be scooby doo …. (where are you!!!)

  • My daughter already sleeps with 3 pandas and nothing else would do!

  • deffo hippo! my son is hippo mad so what a great gift!

  • Definitely Scooby Doo – my daughter loves him

  • I think the Nutty Elephant looks great fun for snuggling upto. Many thanks.

  • Well, I already have a Playful Penguin so definitely would have to be the Wiggly Pig!

  • Scooby Doo please

  • Snuggly Puppy

  • My son choose for me and I knew the answer it would have to be Scooby Do, now he thinks he is gettign one, Huge fingers crossed lol

  • Scooby Doo please

  • Nutty Elephant pleeeaasseee

  • penguin!

  • such a difficult decision as they are all amazing but think it would have to be the nutty elephant

  • Huggable hippo please

  • Mr Bear

  • I love the Ms Ladybird, she would look lovely in my granddaughters bedroom

  • Would have to be Lovable Lamb please-he’s gorgeous :-)

  • I would love dizzy dragon

  • I would love Mr Bear if I was lucky to win

  • The panda is super cute!

  • My daughter favorite animal the monkey which is appropriate as she is one cheeky monkey herself. That would have to be what I pick

  • my son would love the scooby doo pillow pet xx

  • Loveable Lamb!

  • It was Mr Bear then I saw Scooby Doo he’s my favourite but I love them all

  • Scooby doo love it :)

  • Cheeky monkey

  • there all amazing my son wants one thats good enough for me

  • Huggable Hippo

  • Playful Penguin would be great for my boy.

  • The magical unicorn,,,, this would be a firm favourite in my household :0)))

  • I would like Playful Penguin, although they are all lovely

  • Magic Unicorn is lovely

  • I would pick Sir Horse for my little lady

  • Scooby Doo!

  • Nutty Elephant please

  • The Huggable Hippo, I think! Thanks!

  • The panda one please as Holly just loves Anything Panda.

  • We have the Magical Unicorn so I think it would have to be the Pink Butterfly:-)

  • ooh my little on eloves them all!! i would pick the pick butterfly one :)

  • ………..NUTTY ELEPHANT if l were to win

  • WOW So much choice I must admit I love the ladybird one :) Beautiful

  • Has to be Scooby Doo

  • Scooby Doo, please!

  • I would pick Ms Lady Bird Lilly would love it.

  • Sir Horse please if I am one of the lucky winners

  • Panda please

  • Elephant please


  • My daughter loves elephants and Nutty is sooo cute so I would definately choose this one!

  • my grandaughter is a houre fan so sir horse it is :)

  • Silly Monkey please

  • My grandaughter would love wiggly pig please x

  • I would love the Scooby Doo one!

  • I think my boy would love all of them but would have to narrow it down to Nutty Elephant or Dizzy Dragon

  • The Pink Butterfly.

  • Me & my daughter would love Ms Lady bird if we were the lucky winners please.

  • Playful Penguin please!!!!!! I love penguins!!!!!!

  • Scooby doo is pretty cool!

  • scooby doo

  • Well I like you would pick the magical unicorn if it was for me but my little girl has a thing for cuddly sheep so it’s more likely the lovable lamb would be coming to live with us.

  • My daughter would love Nutty Elephant

  • Ms Lady Bird

  • I would love the panda pillow pet but then I’m an adult. Think my 3 year old Isobel would love the sheep.

  • Love the Huggable Hippo

  • Have to be the horse for my granddaughter

  • Panda please – so lovely :-)

  • Twins so got to be any of them!!

  • Sir Horse is cute!

  • Comfy Panda


  • Rainbow unicorn would be perfect

  • My favourite is the lady bird :)

  • scooby doo please

  • My 6 year old daughter Miranda would adore Pink Butterfly

  • Huggable Hippo

  • Pink Butterfly would suit my daughter perfectly

  • Magical unicorn please. I may even let my daughter have it, but maybe not it is really cute.

  • Playful Penguin – we love them! Did anyone watch the new Penguin programme on TV last night? What a show, gorgeous creatures!

  • Panda please

  • Scooby Doo

  • I would pick all of them, but if I had to pick one, it would be Comfy Panda. They’re all adorable! ^_^

  • My little one would love the Bumbly Bee Pillow Pet please !

  • Sir Horse would be great.

    Fingers crossed

  • My 8 year old daughter is mad on these, her favourite is her bumble that shes had for years, the nose fell off (and been reattached) the antenna have come off and been put back on, and its a tad out of shape from so many cuddles. If she was to win I would choose the gorgeous butterfly when it becomes available..

  • The ladybird because it is so bright and cheerful!

  • id pick the cow. my son is mad on cows and would love it!

  • I love scooby doo please, but i also love nutty elephant and the pink butterfly and sir horse and… welll all of them lol

  • Has to be the panda please

  • It’s hard to choose as they are so many cute ones but think my little girl would just love Ms Lady Bird x

  • My daughter would love the Panda and call it Penny Panda!

  • Panda – it’s so cute!!

  • Nutty elephant please

  • Panda one is adorable :)

  • Scooby Doo

  • The ladybird is so cute!

  • Silly Monkey

  • Scooby Doo, my 3 year old is Scooby Doo MAD at the moment!!! :)

  • Nutty Elephant is extremlley nutterly cute

  • The Bumblebee, my daughter has the ladybird, she got for Christmas, and just ADORES it

  • Panda please looks adorable

  • I would love to give the snuggly puppy a good home

  • My son is Scooby Doo mad, so I’d have to choose him if we won. We’ve even got cats called Scooby, Scrappy and Fred!

  • My boy would love one of these, i would pick the ladybird one please :) thank you

  • The lovely panda!


  • the ladybird – though they`re all cute

  • Scooby Doo is brilliant

  • My daughter would love the panda :-) so sweet x

  • My son would love the Scooby Doo one!

  • Mr Bear :) My daughters nickname is Bear (long story lol!) and she would absolutely love this :) xx

  • Cheeky Monkey

  • bumblebee

  • My daughter would love the elephant to add to her growing collection of teddy elephants she’s already got.

  • My daughter would love the panda.

  • My son Leo would Love the scooby Doo one, and Maybe this will help him stay in his room at bed time?

    He loves all things soft and cuddly and I know for a fact that this will go every where with him.

    Would also love to review this on my blog.

  • I’d choose Snuggly Puppy for my nephew.

  • The buzzy bee, adorable :)

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