Pintoy Police Range – Review

Our first official assignment as Craniacs has arrived! A massive box of Pintoy Police toys.

I dived into the box and pulled out a Police Car complete with Police Officer driver, A box of 3 Police officers and one prisoner, and then shock horror a flat pack John Crane Pintoy Police station.

Don’t get me wrong I knew how big the Police Station was, so I should have been expecting it to need some assembly, but I hadn’t really given it much thought. So when I realised I actually had to put this thing together I was a little worried.

I shouldn’t really have worried, I will admit it took me a while to get to grips with the instructions (I am a complete DIY novice, and absolutely no good with these things) but it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be, only a few screws really and I was all done. It probably took me just over 30 minutes all in all, and left me feeling very proud of myself and I think the boys were impressed that i’d built their new toy for them too.

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This whole set is soooo cute, possibly too cute considering the subject matter, although I think it’s nice for little ones that the robber obviously doesn’t look too menacing. The main part of the Police Station has a backdrop of the officers changing room with lots of fluorescent coats, police helmets and lockers adorning the walls. In front of that you can place a perspex panel, representing the move from the back office side of the police station into the public area. There is a booking in desk with a pretend swivel chair, which Jacob thinks is for reading the news? There are also 2 more chairs provided for the waiting area.

Next door is a Police Cell, complete with a working slidey perspex bar covered door. Thomas with his particular penchant for the bad guys loves the prison as he calls it, he’s especially fascinated with the background picture of the toilet on the wall, Why are boys obsessed with toilets?

Jacob’s highlight of the range is the Police Van, it’s solid and chunky and again looks possibly too cute. My favourite little touch are the 2 delightful little wooden walkie talkies that come with the Police Officers and Prisoner box set.

I would recommend the John Crane Pintoy Police range of toys for parents of little ones who are looking for a toy that is something extra special, something that is built to last, is timeless and that will really fire up your little ones imagination.


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