Play-Doh Fairytale sets – Review

This week my sons were thrilled to be sent one of the new Play-Doh Fairytale assortment sets, namely The story of Hansel and Gretel.

There are 3 different fairytale’s you can choose from, The Story of Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood. Each set comes with 105 gram’s of Play-Doh, a storybook playmat and several different characters and moulds.

The age recommendation on the box is 3 +, and I have to agree with that being just right. The moulds are quite small, so I think any younger and the little one would just get frustrated.

My oldest son who’s 5 thoroughly enjoyed following the story through the pictures on the playmate, and made each character and object as he read through the story.

I was very impressed that he managed to mould the witch correctly first time on his own, as she needed two different colours and I thought this would stump him. (I have to say though she looks much to nice to be a witch, My son kept calling her granny).

The only problem we came across was with the gingerbread men. On the picture it looks like the gingerbread man has some icing running all the way along the outside, but there was no way we were able to do this with the mould and even though he took it ok, I could see Thomas felt as though we’d failed a little on the quality of our Gingerbread man.

All in all we had a good hours play out of our fairytale, and even though it’s been put away now, we’ve already made a date to get to out again tomorrow. Were definitely planning to get the complete  set. At around the £6 mark at most stores it’s very reasonably priced, and would make a perfect rainy day activity or ideal gift for school friends birthday parties.

Play-Doh has also been busy this summer teaming up with the National Schools Partnership for their new “Handy Learning” teacher resources programme. The first 1,000 schools to sign up will each receive 3 of the new Play-Doh Fairytale assortment packs, 2 Classic Colours 4 packs of Play-Doh, plus an A3 activity sheet and Handy Learning sticker for each child.

Downloadable resources are also available to both teachers and parents at There are some fun games for your children to play and enjoy like a bit of Play-Doh photo fun, and a guess the fairytale game.

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