Play-doh Foodie Playset’s

Playdoh’s great isn’t it, all soft and malleable it just feels great in your hands. It’s also got that unforgettable smell of childhood homemade playdough could never have. One of my best childhood memories is playing on the dining room table with my mopatop shop, cutting the hair and designing new styles….oh how time flies.

Well now i’ve got kids of my own, I get to play with Play-Doh again all the time, and all the happy memories come flooding back.

The thing I really like about Play-Doh is like Lego or Duplo, even though they come in special sets like the mopatop hair cutting shop. Your not restricted to just that, you can make anything you want with Playdoh.

I do like the playsets though, I think they are great for younger children who maybe need a bit of help to make their creations look realistic.

Well I’m not sure what’s going on at the minute at Play-Doh HQ, but there seems to be a lot of hungry tummy’s in the creative department. The current trend seems to be going for more and more food creating playsets, don’t get me wrong there all very good but it seems a bit odd.

The Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe is possibly the most realistic of all the food Set’s, and it definitely looks the tastiest. You even get those adorable retro style ice-cream glasses to put your creations in.

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If you think that the ice cream shop is a bit too girly or maybe prefer something a bit more savory, then why not try the Play-Doh Burger Builder.

Join the Play-Doh burger assembly line and create delicious burgers, and you’ll be able to say “do you want fries with that?”. The special twist a chip making tool, helps you easily churn out all the pretend fries you need.

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And finally if ice cream and burgers just aren’t your thing and you fancy something just a little more classy, how about a romantic Italian meal Play-Doh style!

The Play-Doh spaghetti factory is basically a mopatop shop for the foodie generation. Whereas in my day every girl wanted to be a hairdresser, now everyone’s honing there skills ready for Masterchef when there older.  Make Spaghetti using the pasta maker press, or make ravioli and meatballs using the moulds around the outside.

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With all of these food sets I’m sure that you and your kids will have a great time, now if only they would make you a dinner you could actually eat!

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