Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory

You know by now that my boys love Play Doh, so any new Play Doh sets and I’m all over them. So with that in mind I’m super excited about the new Play-Doh Mega Factory set.

A suped up version of the iconic Play-Doh Fun Factory, the Mega Fun Factory has a unique moving conveyor belt to give it that real like factory feel.

So thanks to the 2 batteries which you need to buy additionally , you can watch multiple versions of your desired shape being turned out as if by magic and rolling down the assembly line.

The set comes with two gears covered in the various shaped moulds. One is food moulds, and the other is toys.

Also included is a playmat featuring a fun scene with pictures of all the different shapes you can make, and 4 of the small pots of Play-Doh.

Cleverly once playtime is over you can store the Play-Doh pots directly in the side of the Mega Fun Factory. You can fit 6 pots inside, so I do think it’s a bit miserly that they have only included 4 but that’s my only small dig at this product.

Thomas and Jacob are both fascinated when the Play-Doh starts spouting out of their current Fun Factory in it’s various shapes. I can just imagine their amazement watching their creations coming down the conveyor belt, I imagine most little ones would be the same.

This is a definite contender for Jacob’s Birthday list for sure!

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Also whilst I have your attention and were on a Play Doh related note, check out this really cool Video from the guys at Toyology. Regardless of it having more than a hint of the Sony Bravia ad’s about it, Jacob was mesmerised by these bouncing Play Doh balls.

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