Pointless:The Board Game – Review

I’ve always been partial to a game show, and probably could watch and enjoy any of them. Pointless however is different as it’s caught the imagination of the whole family, Even my 6yr old loves it!

So when I met up with the University Games team at London Toy Fair this January, I jumped at the chance to review their Board Game version of our favourite show.

Thomas’ enjoyment of the game obviously comes more from the anticipation of someone pulling a Pointless answer out of the bag rather than actually answering the questions himself, so we had to play as teams rather than individually.

The suggested age range is 10 years plus, but I think even then it would be very hard for the younger player to get that many questions right as it’s more of an adult game. It obviously depends on what’s asked, but with younger Players I think working in a team is probably best. So we played as two team with mummy and Thomas the 6-year-old on one side, and Daddy with Jacob the baby of the family on the other.

The rules of the game are very easy to understand, and follow the game amazingly well. It really is just like playing the TV show. The only difference is that no one gets eliminated, you all play all four rounds and then the winner is the team with the lowest score at the end of the game.

I acted as question master and Thomas’ job was to move the teams counter down the score board. After everyone had answered I let Thomas know the scores and then let him go to work on the scoreboard, making the silly whittling down noise as he went. That was a lot of fun, all the tension was still there (for the team who didn’t know the answers obviously) and the kids loved it.

You get three little plastic wallets which you carefully (without peeking) pop the question cards into. When we played I sorted everything out before hand and placed all the cards in the wallets before we started. It made the game go smoother, so I would suggest that getting them ready before you start is the way to go.  The wallets are quite a clever idea, and I really like that the round two wallet, has a see through window so you can answer the multiple choice questions of round two just like on the TV show.

If your fans of the show already or know someone who is, The Pointless Board Game will be a huge success. That’s not to discount non pointless viewers. I think if you love Board Games and Quizzes even without seeing the TV show you’ll still have a blast with this game.

So far we’ve played the game about 5 times this week, So you can tell that it’s a hit with the family. Plus on Friday it’s going on a trip to grans house with the boys, as my mum and uncle are avid Pointless viewers too!

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