Pokemon Black and White Toys – Review

Capping off my first ever possibly annual Pokemon Week is a look at the new range of Pokemon Black and White toys from Bandai.

“Find out about Pokemon” was all that I had from my son before I set off for Toy Fair last month. He wanted full colour photos of all the displays so he could write his shopping lists. However he needn’t have worried as I was just as eager to see the new range as he was.

Some Pokemon figures were probably the first thing my son added  to his Pokemon collection a few years ago when he started trying to catch them all.

Thusly the first thing that caught my eye when I stepped into the Bandai stand were the new figure sets.

There are 4 sets of 6 figure packs to collect, and 2 packs of 4 figures with 3 normal sized pokemon inside and 1 large either Reshiram or Zekrom depending on which set you pick up.

We have the Zekrom 4 figure set which comes with Zekrom obviously plus Minccino, Sewaddle and Zorua. Unlike the smaller figures, Zekrom has articulated arms which you can move up and down, plus twististable wrists which for some reason Thomas is always twisting around (I think he does karate chops or something). The torso is also twistable, so he can turn from side to side.

***The sets of 4 are actually on offer at the moment at The Entertainer high street stores and also their website.

They are selling for £8 BOGOF in the High street stores and £4 each at www.toyshop.co.uk ***

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Another Pokemon Product which is high up on Thomas’ wanted list, and looks very cool indeed is the Pokemon Black and White Battle Stage and Pokeball Twister Figures.

Using the Battle stage in conjunction with the Twister figures, you can have your very own Poke battle right in your front room.

By pulling the string your chosen Pokeball bursts open to reveal your spinning Pokemon which you’ve unleashed into battle.

The base of the Twister Figures light up when used with the Battle Stage which makes for some spectacular looking spinning action.

The Battle Arena comes with 2 Twister Figures included, but there are lots more available separately that you can collect to add to your battling fun.

As far as I know you can get Twister Figures of Axew, Tepig, Oshawott, Zorua, and Snivy. I’m not sure what Pokemon come with the Arena, so it’s best to get that first I suppose, before you start adding to your collection.

The Twister Figures are £10 each, but I have seen double packs on sale for £19.99. Not much of a saving, but maybe the Pokemon figures available  in the dual packs are different to the singles.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Pokemon Black and White Unova Region Pokedex 

Another region, another Pokedex. This time it’s needed for Ash to identify the new Black and White series Pokemon while he travels through the Unova region.

As well as identifying all 45 new Pokemon from the Black and White series, you also get the familiar sound effects just like the cartoon.

It also slides open revealing the hidden inside screen just like Ash’s.

Using your Pokedex you can search by type, size, number and name.

As well as the main Pokedex function of identifying Pokemon, there are 4 mini games you can play with it, which are ‘Name that Pokemon’,  ‘Who has the battle advantage?’, ‘Which one doesn’t belong?’ and the ‘Pokemon Trainer Quiz’

Pokemon Pop ‘n’ Battle Launcher

This one looks really interesting as it enables you to do what every good trainer wants to, Catch ’em all.

To play the game,  you start by placing your Pokemon in its Pokeball launcher.

Then you need to set the trap, which is a cube that folds down flat on the ground.

Last step is to take aim for the middle of your target and then fire. Your Pokemon will fly into the air, and if your lucky will land in the trap and watch it snap up around him.

The game is not just getting the Pokemon in the trap however, there is a bit of strategy involved. Whichever side of the cube lands face up corresponds to how strong your Pokemon attacked. It’s possible to inflict damage from 1 to 4, miss completely, or even block your opponents attack.

Pokemon Attack Figure

We were very lucky to be sent this next toy from Bandai to review, it’s the Pokemon Attack Figures

There are 3 different versions of Attack Figure to choose from depending whether your after Water (Oshawott), Fire (Tepig) or Electric type attacks (Pikachu)

We were sent Oshawott the Water type Pokemon to have a play with, and boy did we have 2 happy boys when he appeared!

With each attack figure you get 4 plastic discs with a symbol representing their attack type on top. You also get 2 cardboard cutout Pokemon with stands, which you take aim at and try to knock over by firing your discs.

The figures themselves are quite big and bulky, but look wonderfully vibrant and exactly like a real version of the Oshawott from the cartoon. The base where you stand your Pokemon is also wonderfully decorated to represent each Pokemon’s different type.

One word of advice, The discs fly out at a tremendous speed. They can also travel up around 6 feet. Be sure to keep out of the way and store all valuables far away before you let these babies go.

Thomas and Jacob had a blast firing these discs around the room, as you can see from the video below. My sons only complaint being that they are not to scale, as Oshawott is supposed to be a lot smaller than Pikachu.

Well you just can’t please some people can you!

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Thanks to Bandai for the Oshawott Attack Figure for review, all the product information, and for supporting Toybuzz Pokemon week.








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