Pokemon Legendary EX Tin – Review

“Gotta Catch em’ all” just got that little bit harder, with the release of 3 new tins in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The Pokemon Legendary EX Tin’s are the latest additions to the worldwide phenomenon which is the Pokemon Trading Card Game, each containing one of the prized Legendary Pokemon EX cards.

The 3 Legendary EX tins available are Mewtwo-EX, Darkrau-EX and Rayquaza-EX.

Each tin comes with your chosen foil Pokemon EX card, your online code to unlock your deck in the online game, and 4 Pokemon Trading Card Game booster packs, with 10 cards in each booster pack.

The booster packs included are:

  • 2 x Pokemon Black and White : Dragons Exalted – A mix of all new Pokemon-EX cards, with a focus on Dragon-Type Pokemon
  • 1 x Pokemon Black and White : Emerging Powers – Thomas favourite of the packs as he managed to find a Legendary Thundurus
  • 1 x Pokemon Black and White – Unova region expansion to add over 70 new Black and White Pokemon

These tins feature some beautiful artwork as always, they are gorgeous. A brilliant place for keeping your Pokemon cards safe, and ready for battle whenever your challenged.

You will already need a Pokemon deck to be able to battle with these cards, as this tin doesn’t contain a playmat or counters. There is however plenty of room inside the tin for storing your whole deck plus everything else you will need for a game.

The different booster packs provided lots of variety in the Pokemon cards we received. We’ve only ever tried out the Theme Decks before, so it was great to see the differences between the different booster packs. We especially loved the Cards we received in the Black and White Emerging Powers booster, so I think we may have to purchase some more of those.

A must for all Pokemon fans. The Pokemon Legendary EX Tins were released September 2012, so are out now, retailing for around £12.99

Thanks to Esdevium Games for letting us review the tins

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