Pokemon TCG Black & White Dark Explorers Expansion – Review

My boys have been busy this week getting to grips with the Latest expansion to the Pokemon Black and White Trading Card Game – Black and White Dark Explorers

This brand new expansion to the ever popular trading card game is a more menacing set featuring new Darkness Type Pokemon cards Darkrai-EX, Zoroark, Umbreon and Sableye.Darkrai isn’t the only new EX card available either, there are also Tornadus-EX, Kyogre-EX, Raikou-EX and Groudon-EX.

There was definitely a more intimidating feel to the new cards. Darkrai is one of Thomas’ favourites, so he was very happy to receive some of these darker cards in his packs, although unfortunately the rare Darkrai-EX wasn’t one of them.

We did get a Vullaby , Umbreon, Scrafty, Zorua, plus the full 3 stage evolution of Krookodile (sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile) which was pretty cool.

If you too like my Thomas are a fan of the Dark Side, DarkraiĀ inĀ particular. Plus also a Pokemon Black and white DS player, then this is great news for you. Darkrai is available from now until June 10th to be downloaded in a special Darkrai character distribution event. For more details on how to get Darkrai into your Black and White game then head on over to www.pokemon.co.uk


Another Pokemon treat just brilliant for the half term Jubilee holidays is the amazing and free Rise of Darkrai movie that you can watch online at www.pokemon.co.uk.

Make sure if you have a little Pokemon fan in your household that you don’t miss out on these brilliant Pokemon Darkrai events.

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