Poppy Cat launches on Nick Jr

The loveable character of Poppy Cat is well known from the series of award winning books by Lara Jones, and now is making her first foray into the world of television with an animated series on preschool kids channel Nick Jr.

The Poppy Cat books have always been firm favourites in the Toybuzz household, we’ve even got a few bilingual books in both English and Welsh which we received through the Bookstart scheme. I wonder how many other languages Poppy Cat has been translated into? Having sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, a lot I guess!

Already having a vested interest in Poppy Cat, I was eager to find out how the world of Poppy Cat would translate into a cartoon on the small screen. As most of the books are of the pop-up variety and for younger children, there is never really much of a storyline so to speak, so I did wonder how they would expand the ideas of the books into 26 10 minute episodes.

Every episode begins with a young girl called Lara telling a story to her faithful cat Poppy. As she starts to read we are suddenly transported into the imaginery patchwork Poppy Cat world, where we go on adventures with Poppy and her animal friends, Zuzu the dog, Mo the Mouse, Alma he rabbit, Egbert the Badger and Owl.

Voiced by Joanna Page of Gavin and Stacey fame, Poppy Cat thankfully loses nothing of her charm on her transition into TV, watching the episode really felt like I was reading one of the books. Details like the much loved patchwork backgrounds being reworked into Poppy’s new Bandana, and themes from the books like riding in the rocket made the show seem familiar and yet fresh both at the same time.

Hearing much loved storybook characters speaking for the first time can sometimes feel a bit wrong, especially when the voice you hear in your head as you read doesn’t match with the new onscreen version. I’m glad to say for me personally Poppy Cat doesn’t suffer from this problem, I think Joanna Page has got the voice just right. The supporting cast of voices are spot on too, I especially love Egbert. The wonderful background music deserves an honourable mention too.

Poppy Cat launched on Nick Jr on Monday 2nd May at 10:00 am, and will be showing every weekday throughout May. For more Poppy Cat fun check out the Nick Jr website where can watch clips of the show, plus download some fun colouring and activity sheets.

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