Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App – Review

This week the kids have been busy putting the new Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App through its paces on my iPad.

Based around Postman Pat’s newest incarnation at the special Delivery Service, it comes complete with all the familiar characters, voices, songs,and visuals from the series.

There are 8 main games to get to grips with, each with an Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty level. There is also an additional puzzle game you can play with the stamps you collect from your completed levels. So as you can see there’s a lot to keep your little ones busy in this one App.

Jacob and Thomas both had great fun with the games like Ben’s Sorting office and Post Box Run, although I think Jacob had a bit more trouble with the controls in this App than others we have tried. Even the Easy difficulty level was set quite high I thought.

Out of all the games we played Ted Glen’s Garage came out as the family favourite. In it you find yourself in Ted Glen’s workshop setting out to fix and make road worthy Pat’s van. Identifying the problems and then locating the right tools is sometimes a bit tricky, so it’s great for giving your little ones brain a workout whilst having a bit of fun.

I think this App is perfect for around the 5yr old age. Obviously younger Postman Pat fans will adore the sounds and visuals from their favourite show, but I think that children that little bit older will get the most out of some of the more challenging games.

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