Postman Pat The Movie – DVD Review

If you’re looking for a fun family film to enjoy over these cold winter nights then I have on for your that’s sure to deliver.

I’ve been looking forward to Postman Pat The Movie for so long. Ever since I heard that Stephen Mangan would be voicing Pat actually.

However there’s so many great actors lending their voices to this movie, it’s a real who’s who. Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, David Tennant, and Ronan Keating providing Pat’s singing voice.

However Jess is really the star of the film. He’s really, really funny throughout.

The film follows Pat’s journey as he enters a talent competition judged by Simon Cowbell (groan!). Turns out Pat has an amazing voice and all of a sudden is a huge star.

In fact Pat is in such demand that an army of Patbots are created to complete his post round while he’s off being a celebrity.┬áThere’s even a Jessbot.

The boys and I found the film really entertaining. I thought that perhaps Thomas would be a bit past the target audience at 9, but he loved the Pat Bots. They have a bit of a creepy Doctor Who vibe to them, and totally appealed to him. They’re not really frightening, but maybe for the smallest of toddlers they could be a bit scary. Perhaps that’s just me being overprotective, I find robots and red eyes very creepy.

The only other thing that didn’t bother the kids but puzzled me a bit was Pat’s singing voice. I know Ronan Keating is a big name to have, and his voice is lovely, however his voice is so different to Stephen’s it was a total disconnect and sounded incredibly odd after we’d just heard him talking.

That’s my only gripe though. All in all it was a good film to while away a lazy sunday afternoon. It was full of laughs and giggles, with a great storyline. Much more than just a longer version of the cartoon series.

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