Printable Pets!


Are your children the arty and crafty type? Mine sure are, and I’m always on the look out for new activities that we can make and do together.

Thomas’ second favourite passion is Printing things out, strange I know. He’s obsessed with printing out colouring pages, things to cut and his own drawings.

So I’ve I think ive found the ultimate gadget of his dreams Printies.

Printies allow you to make your own soft toys by designing them and them printing them out. 

Firstly you log on to and go about designing your cuddly toy, you can even upload a photo and superimpose it onto on of the designs.

You then print it out onto the included special fabric paper with your regular inkjet printer. You put the paper through twice so it prints both sides of your toy.

Then just press your design out of the paper and add some included stuffing. It’s pre sewn all that’s needed is some light pressing together and it’s complete. 

If you want your creation to stand you can just slip a pair of the shoes (also included) onto their feet.

This sounds like a really fun family activity and I’ll be sure to pick one up when they hit the shops.

The U.S. release date is scheduled for Autumn 2009 and will the starter kit will retail at $19.99 with refills available for $9.99. As soon as I get any news on the U.K release I’ll let you know!.

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