Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive Toys – Review

Cbeebies is still a mainstay in our household. Although the kids are getting older and gravitating to Cartoon Network more and more, I still love my quiet time with Jacob cuddled up watching some nice pleasant Cbeebies fun.

I will admit though after 7yrs of Cbeebies being the channel of choice for the kids, I am getting slightly fed up of watching endless re-runs of Come Outside and Big Barn Farm. So I’m always pleased when a new show starts to break up the monotony a bit, and recently it’s Raa Raa the Noisy Lion which has been tasked with the job.

Our Journeys on over to the Jingly Jangly Jungle with Raa Raa have been doing a good job of keeping Jacob entertained, so it was with great excitement that we opened up the new Raa Raa The Noisy Lion Interactive toys we’d been sent by Tomy to review, Raa Raa’s Interactive Playset and Hufty’s Interactive Train.

The toys both feature special ‘Smart Spot Technology’ similar to the Chuggington Interactive range of toys. With Smart Spot you actually have to place the toy down on the spot, rather than it working wirelessly. This isn’t so much of a downer as I found it made things a lot quieter whilst the boys were playing. Sure they were having fun putting Raa Raa and Hufty onto the Smart Spot’s and making them talk, but it’s not the constant noise as the Chuggington sets can sometimes feel like.

I am still stunned how far toys have come on these days compared to the ones I remember having, and toys like this are why. Raa Raa’s treehouse looks exactly the same as the TV version…Exactly! It’s so cool that now kids can watch their favourite programs and then play with exact replica’s of those worlds, even down to having the characters voices being absolutely perfect.

Really this stuff matters, As a girl I remember being so disappointed that my Jem doll sounded nothing like my hero, the sound was all muffled and echoey I couldn’t even make out half the stuff she said, Let alone think what she did say was in the same voice. So to conclude my mini-rant, Kids don’t know how lucky they are!

Anyway now back to the review. The coolest thing about all of the Raa Raa Toys with the Smart Spot is that they all work together, so even though we received Hufty with his Train we could still use it with Raa Raa’s Treehouse and also vice-versa. Plus don’t worry all of Raa Raa’s friends are available to buy and use with these sets, either in sets of their own or individually. So Crocky, Zebby, ooo ooo, and Topsy don’t need to miss out on the fun they will all work with all of the Interactive sets. Grab the whole gang and have a Jingly Jungle party at Raa Raa’s treehouse!

The Treehouse even comes with Raa Raa’s special Cubby Buggy, and has a cool feature where the branch will move and the engine starts, just like on the TV show when Raa Raa heads off on an adventure.

I also want to give a big thumbs up to the wonderful packaging, honestly even the box the Treehouse comes in is cool. The background to the box is the exact same white tree covered background from the TV show, and brilliantly you can take this out and use it in your games. OK so I’m not sure if Tomy meant for you to do this or not, but it really adds to the enjoyment as it just gets more and more realistic.

I did notice that at times If you didn’t set down the figure exactly straight, the set might detect a different character but it’s not a biggie. 99% of the time the set seemed to get it right, and it was actually more funny than anything when it got it wrong.

Fan’s of Raa Raa will absolutely adore these sets, Jacob and Thomas have had so much fun playing around with Raa and Hufty as you can see from the video below (this was just as we’d got it out of the box). The chunkiness of the figures and toys make them perfect for smaller toddler hands. I can also attest to them being able to take a far bit of roughness in play, as the boys managed to drop Hufty twice down onto the kitchen tiles and he managed to pull through unscathed and still working fine.

A brilliant range for the youngsters that is sure to delight, and inspire some wonderful playtime adventures.

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