Radio Flyer

Whilst flicking through the John Lewis catalogue yesterday I came across the lovely Christmas section, with a huge Christmas tree and presents arranged beautifully underneath. Then my eye was caught by a pile of presents skill-fully loaded into a red wagon, it was a Radio Flyer trailer! Just like in the movies.

Even though I’m not American and the Radio Flyer is not at all a part of British culture, I’ve always loved these things! I’ve grown up watching cheesy John Hughes American movies, and these things have always featured somewhere. I’m pretty sure Kevin McCallister in Home Alone must have had a wagon to keep all of those traps and gadgets in.

So I was really surprised when I saw that the Radio Flyer wasn’t in the picture for artistic effect, but you could actually purchase these now in the U.K.

Why couldn’t someone have told me this sooner?

I’ve got so much stuff already, there’s no room for a big red wagon this year. I wish I’d known sooner, as I would definitely have got one for the boys (me!) for Christmas.

Sorry - no matching products found.

So after doing my research (nosing round the online shops). I’m shocked by how many Radio Flyer things there  are now, I always picture the boy pulling the classic red wagon and the little girl riding the trike with the ribbons hanging from the handle bars but now there’s so much more.

Possibly my favourite find is the Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon, I think if I was going to get one wagon this would be it.

I love the way that it can be used as an ordinary wagon for transporting toys and things, and also as a fun way of getting the kids around too.

The wagon floors lifts up to make two separate seats, both complete with seat belts and the all important juice holder.

I can just see my kids having a blast riding around in this little beauty on trips to the park and family days out.

You can also get a handy canopy to keep your wagon and it’s contents either dry on a wet day or in the shade on a sunny day , whether that be your treasured teddy bear or even the kids.

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