Razor Spark Scooter

Yesterday i extolled the virtues of the bike as the child’s best Christmas present, after I bought balance bikes for my two boys. I am now here today to say that the humble scooter must be a close second.

They are ever popular with kids of all ages, you can’t walk down a street without seeing a child happily scooting along…sometimes at high velocity into your direction.

If your looking for a scooter for your youngster for Christmas, look no further than the Razor Spark Scooter for the ultimate  present.

The Razor Spark is a street scooter turned up to 10! This amazingly cool (in the eyes of your 8 year old) scooter actually fires sparks from it’s rear.

By simply ¬†adding a strip of flint to a peddle on the back, the Razor Spark has transformed an average scooter into a turbo charged rocket ride. Okay so it’s only cosmetic and doesn’t actually make the scooter go any faster but who cares, it looks good.

The removable flint block on the peddle bar is good for 1.5 hours of continuous sparks, although I doubt that would be recommended by the manufacturer. The Razor comes with a spare flint included, and additional packs of 2 bars are available for purchase separately when you need them.

It’s not just all about the Sparks, the Razor is the best selling scooter in the world! superior in quality to other cheaper copycat versions, the Razor is a high quality piece of kit. Built of aircraft grade aluminium and with hard wearing urethane wheels, the Razor will stand up to the riggers of childhood and provide a smooth ride whilst lighting up the pavement.

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I think you’ll agree that the Razor Spark is no ordinary scooter, and if your child has a scooter up on their Christmas list this one has got to be the one!

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