Relaunched Green’s Kids cake range taste better than ever!

We’ve been loving having some family time at home over the Easter Holidays, it’s been nice just to avoid the stress of the school run for a few days. Although the kids haven’t been giving me that much rest, they’ve still been up at around 06:00 every morning!

Even though a bit of time off is nice, I’ve still been looking for things to keep the boys amused during the holidays. Luckily for me Green’s cakes came to my aid when they offered us some of their relaunched kid’s cake mixes to try.

Thomas and Jacob already had a play date arranged at their friends house (Thomas’ girlfriends house!) so we took over 2 sets of the cake mixes with us, and all the kids had a great time. ¬†Jacob and his little friend Calum made Thomas the Tank Engine cakes, and Thomas put his usually macho image to one side and gallantly helped his girlfriend make some beautiful Barbie cupcakes.

As always the cakes were a doddle to make, with almost all of the ingredients included in the packs. Only eggs and butter need to be bought separately. The instructions suggested that they would take 12 minutes to bake, but we found that ours cooked much faster, so I would suggest keeping a close eye on them as they cook very quickly.

Green’s new relaunched kids cake range also benefits from a new and improved recipe. To be honest I’ve never had any complaints when we’ve made Green’s cakes in the past, but I would definitely agree that these were extra delicious. The Barbie cupcakes were especially gorgeous, thanks to all of the yummy scrummy icing the kids piped all over the top.

I’ll admit that their efforts didn’t look quite as artistic as the ones on the box, I think Thomas has inherited my icing skills (or lack of them) but that didn’t stop them tasting amazing.

All the kids agreed that the new activity sheets and stickers which are included were the next best thing about the sets…after the actual cake eating. They were great for keeping the kids occupied in those few minutes whilst waiting for the cakes to cook and cool. Gemma especially loved her Barbie activity sheet, which even had a little Barbie and Clothes to cut out, as soon as the cakes were in the oven she had the scissors out and was crafting away.

As you can see from the picture below, The stickers were a big hit with Jacob!

The new range of Green’s Cake mixes are available now from Tesco stores nationwide for ¬£1.69 (RRP). Other mixes in the range include Tom and Jerry.

Thanks to Green’s for providing us with the cake mixes for review.

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