Remote Control Walking Iron Man 2 – Review

As with most boys of his age I imagine Thomas’s current favourite thing comes and goes faster than those Amazon Black Friday deals, but two things have remained pretty constant since he’s been able to talk and decide what he likes for himself. Whatever is currently the next big thing in his life, Scooby Doo and Spider Man have always been near the top of the pile.

His love of Spider Man slowly evolved into a full blown love of comic books and the anything Marvel Universe, probably because he realised the amount of merchandise he was missing out on sticking with just the one guy.

His love for Marvel even led to us travelling to Florida on holiday this January and spending 2 weeks in the Universal Orlando Resort in the Hard Rock Hotel, just so we were as close to Marvel Super Hero Island as possible. Every day we had to have a wonder around looking at all the amazing comic book scenery, and ride the Spider Man ride at least once. Luckily as a family we have all caught a bit of Thomas’ Marvel love, and didn’t mind at all.

So of course when I was approached by Hasbro to review the new Remote Controlled Walking Iron Man I just had to say yes, he’d never speak to me again if I passed this up!

As soon as I opened the brown paper and say Iron Man in the box, I was in awe. He looks amazing, and the packaging is so cool. He was also very easy to get out of the box thanks to Hasbro’s new environmentally friendly packaging. Hasbro are removing plastic wires and ties and replacing them with paper rattan ties. Plastic Ties are very much a bug bear of mine, I don’t know why no toy company has done this sooner. The new ties are so much easier to untie, and I very much hope that other toy companies take notice and follow suit.

Iron Man comes complete with his 4 AA batteries, although you’ll have to find 2 more for the wrist strap enabled remote control. However if you do forget Christmas Day won’t be totally ruined as you can make him walk and fire his missiles by pressing the trianglular Arc Light button on his chest.

The most fun is to be found when using Iron Man with your remote control. Although the strap wouldn’t fit around my wrists, my sons skinny arms fit perfectly. It was so cool watching Thomas directing Iron Man to blast out some missiles, he even lifted up his arm at the same time. The missiles come out at a tremendous speed, so I would suggest that younger children will need to be well supervised when playing with Iron Man and the missiles. I will probably let Thomas use them when I’m playing with him, and just let him use the walking Iron Man when I can’t be around full time to supervise.

Seeing Iron Man walking is very cool. He does fall over every now and again, but once you get used to using him you can see when it’s going to happen. If he stops awkwardly midstep then the next time he walks he’s going to topple over. I’ve taught Thomas that when he stops walking and is wonky to straighten his legs back together, this means that he wont fall and Thomas got the hang of this really easily.

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To add to the fun Hasbro have included some carboard cut outs of the films villians for Iron Man to battle. We had a great laugh watching Iron Man blast his missiles and knock over Whiplash and the the Military drones. The cut outs were a very nice touch, but being a big Marvel fan Thomas had plenty of other foes for Iron Man to take on. Hulk for one got on the wrong side of Iron Man, and ended up with a missile in the face.

For a big Iron Man fan like Thomas this toy was just perfect. It’s as if Hasbro gave him a pad and a pen and said draw what the best toy ever toy would look like!

I can imagine lots of little boys up and down the country agreeing (plus some older ones as well!).

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