Review – ELC Light and Sound Fire Engine

Looking for a present for my one year old last christmas I came across this charming fire engine from the Early Learning Centre, and he was very pleased with it on christmas morning.

This is a really good toy for little ones, it’s perfect for small hands with everything being chunky and easy to move. My son loves moving the crane up and down, and I was surprised by the ease that he could do it even at only 12 months.

It comes with 3 chubby firemen which sit snugly in the front of the engine and one in the top of the crane, there held in by a peg so you have to press them down quite hard and my son hasn’t quite got the hang of that yet but it’ll come. When you press in the two fire men at the front, one say’s “full speed it’s an emergency” and the other say’s “all hands to the pump”.

There is a pull down hatch on the one side which houses a hose on a reel, which makes a gushing water noise when spun. My little one just sits and spins the wheel for ages. Also inside is 4 colourful push buttons which make authentic noises of a ringing phone, Fire alarm bell, old style neh-nor fire engine noise and a great sound of the hydraulic crane going up. There is also another pull down hatch on the other side and this contains decorative spades and water tanks, no noises on this side.

At the front end of the engine where the driver sits are two buttons, one makes an engine starting noise and the other an alarm. The alarm noise also starts when you move the engine and makes a screechy brakes sound when you stop.

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The noises it makes are really realistic my mother even thought that there was a real fire engine outside when she heard it, she didn’t believe it was from the toy.

There is two volume settings but in my opinion even the low volume is loud enough, I don’t think i’d need to use the loud setting even if I lived on the Heathrow airport runway. That said there’s always the off button but that’s bit mean.

The only down point I might make is that it does make a noise with any move and I mean any move however slight ,sometimes a bit annoying when you’re tidying up in the night and it starts going off ┬ábut i overlook it as he loves it so much.

My older son is three and a half and too be honest doesn’t seem overly fussed with it and doesn’t take much of an intrest, he tells me it’s a baby toy although I have seen him playing slyly when he thinks no ones looking. I would say that 2 would probably be the perfect age for this toy as then they start to have some imaginative play and would probably begin to get a bit more out of it.

All in all i’m really pleased with the Light and Sound Fire Engine, and even though he can use it perfectly well now I can’t wait until he’s a bit older and can have some really good fun times putting out some pretend fires.

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