Review – Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Station

We bought this toy back in 2006 when our eldest son was 6 months, having survived two babies and still going strong I thought that it was worthy of a review.

Thomas has always been an active boy a bundle of energy and he was exactly the same when he was a baby.

He always wanted to stand up even from a few months old he would stand on my knees and I would have to hold him up all the time.

He wasn’t interested in lying on his back underneath a baby gym or on his front either so we had to investigate some way of keeping him upright and happy whilst saving everyone’s arms from falling off.

Im not a fan of baby walkers as I’ve heard to many stories of accidents and I wasn’t keen on trying a door bouncer but then we found the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Station and immediately ordered one.

Almost as soon as it was out of the box it was assembled it was that easy and Thomas was soon playing.

The station looks like a regular baby walker however there’s no wheels so it’s stationary, but the seat can rotate  around 360 degrees when the baby pushes round with his feet or if there not strong enough you can just push them round.

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All around the station are different activities from a record deck where you can scratch the tunes to a disco ball, a jukebox style book, a microphone and numbered coloured buttons from 1 – 5.

There’s two different modes of play which can be activate by turning the page of the book back and forth. Both modes are extremely fun and well conceived. There’s great music in both modes of play, with the learning music being numbers and motown version of the ABC song . When in groove mode the coloured numbers play different styles of music like tango and salsa and the record player plays nursery rhymes.

A word of warning, I gave my son a biscuit in there one day and as usual it went everywhere. He managed to get it into every crevice somehow and where he’d mashed it into the record player it all got stuck underneath the arm and encrusted onto the record itself. I washed it all but the record got stuck from then on whenever we played with it. If there are any bits of food on the unit make sure this part is washed paticularly carefully.

I can’t comment on what the microphone does as we’ve never had a working version, it was broken when it arrived so I telephoned Leapfrog customer services and they were very helpful and posted a new part out to me. Unfortunately when it arrived that didn’t work either. I couldn’t be doing with the hassle of sending the whole unit back as Thomas was really hooked by then, I didn’t want him to be without it for a fortnight or something so we just persevered without a working microphone. It’s not that much of a big deal and as the microphone doubles as a teether he was quite happy just biting it anyway.

It has three different height settings which mean that it grows with your child and can last that little bit longer.

This toy is suitable from approximately 4 months (as soon as they can hold their head up confidently) until walking age. Unfortunately both of my boys walked at 9 months so I really didn’t get that much use out of it, as soon as they can walk you should stop using this toy as they can topple it over.

In the time that they did have to use it they both loved it and used it every single day, usually for around 20 minutes a times several times a day. It’s great for taking in the kitchen while your doing the washing up or ironing and keeping them entertained.

My advice would be that if your thinking of purchasing this toy, do it as soon as possible then you can get the maximum amount of use out of it.

If like me you buy it at six months and their out of it at nine it’s a very expensive purchase, it was used much more when we had Jacob as we had it ready at 3 months and he used it everyday until he could walk.

if you’ve got it ready and can get the maximum amount of use from it I would definitely recommended it.

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