Review – Leapfrog Sing and Spin Alphabet Zoo

This toy belongs to my one year old and I think it’s a great educational fun toy.

My little one loves this toy and as it’s quite light and portable I use it as a time filler toy. When I need to put him in his cot or playpen because I need a few minutes to get something done, I place it in there with him and it keeps him entertained whilst I do the chores.

The main focus of this toy is the big colourful spinning ball which is decorated with the letters of the alphabet, and also an animal that begins with that letter.

It  cheerfully sings songs and teaches your baby about letters and animals. There are three different modes that you can play with and in each the the same friendly and warm lady’s voice which unlike most baby’s toys don’t get on your nerves.

In the first mode when you spin the ball the lady sings a cheery song “spin spin a letter” ,this song continues for as long as the ball spins. When the ball has landed on a letter, the letter is read out.

In the second mode when you spin the ball the song is “The animals have something to say” and when you land on a letter and picture of an animal for example W for Whale, the voice will just say Whale and the noise the animal makes will then be played. The animal noises are such fun and this is what I usually have the ball set to.

The last mode‘s song is the Alphabet song the original ABC song when the ball is spun, this time when it stops on a letter it will just say the letter and then make then animal noise.

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Although all the modes are basically similar, babies will love them all and having a little bit of variety in the modes is good as there are three different songs on each one.


On each side of the ball is a different swirly black and white image which when the ball is spun becomes quite hypnotic, but that depends on how hard you spin it.  Black and white images are brilliant visual stimulation for babies in the early days as it’s the easiest for them to see, so this added little feature is really well thought out.

In my opinion this is a really interesting toy for a young baby from 6 months and the fun will last until there at least 2.

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