Roary the Racing Car – Champion of Champions Live Show

Great news for Roary the Racing Car fans! Roary is embarking on a UK tour, taking his new live show ‘Champion of Champions‘ to various venues all around the country in over 90 theatres until November 2011.

The live show promises to be just as much fun as your toddlers favourite TV show, and brings familiarity in the form of Sir Stirling Moss as the narrator, motor sport legend Murray Walker as the Silver hatch commentator, and obviously the show wouldn’t be complete without Peter Kay as the voice of everyones favourite singing mechanic Big Chris.

Without giving too much away it sounds like it’ll be business as usual at silver Hatch as Roary, Maxi, Cici and the other cars prepare for a big race. Farmer Green has developed a new Bio-fuel to make sure this race will bot only be the greenest race ever, but also the fastest, Unfortunately that pesky rabbit Flash is eyeing up the fuel for his skateboard, and Big Chris is pre occupied making Pizza and Doughnuts.

Luckily Marsha is on hand to make sure everyone is ready for the track, but who will win the race and be crowned the champion? Well you’ll have to head to your nearest Roary live show to find out. All the details on tour dates and venues can be found at

Me and the boys are very lucky and really excited to be going to see Roary the Racing Car live in Cardiff on Saturday 23rd April and I will be writing a full review of our experience on the day, so will let you know how we get on.

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