Roary The Racing Car Live – Review

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to have been invited to go along and see the Roary The Racing Car Live Show in Cardiff.

I hadn’t told the boys until the day before that we would be going, so it was an exciting surprise for them. Jacob is now 3 1/2 and Thomas 5 1/2, and I thought that they were the perfect age for this show. I did wonder if Thomas might think he was perhaps think he was a bit old now for Roary, but he and Jacob sat enchanted all the way through and had a great time.

The show is a mix of costumed characters, costumed actors, cartoon racing action shown on the big screen, and also some apperances from the star cars themselves.

I think the way that the show has been put together works well, it’s close enough to the TV show to please the little ones who just want to see Roary, but also adds an extra dimension for fans who are a little older, with all the song and dance numbers. All the costumed characters are voiced by the same actors as the TV show, so we of course get the familiar dulcet tones of Peter Kay as the formidable Big Chris, ¬†Flash the rabbit (who just wouldn’t work with a different voice) as well as Farmer Green and not forgetting the cars Roary, Maxi and Cici. The way the cars move around the stage and respond the actors is pretty cool, they’re mouths even move as they are talking. As an added bonus we also get to hear the wonderful Murray Walker, who has come to SilverHatch to commentate on the big Champion of Champions race.

The only thing I was slightly puzzled by is that all the characters were in costumes and voiced by their TV counterparts, apart from Marsha, who was dressed in her familiar yellow jumpsuit but was a normal actor. I couldn’t really understand why they did this as everyone else had the same voice and head as the TV show character. It wasn’t that she was bad as Marsha, I was just slightly puzzled as to why?

The story revolves around the big race being held at Silverhatch. All the cars are involved, and ready and waiting to see who will be fastest and be crowned Champion of Champions. Of course there is a bit more to it than that, we have Farmer Green testing out a new Bio-fuel, but only if Flash the Rabbit doesn’t use it all in his skateboard first, lots of fun singing and dancing. To add a bit of tension before the intermission Big Chris leaves his pizza burning in the oven, Will SilverHatch be okay? You’ll have to go along yourselves and see the show.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon watching the performance, I would wholeheartedly recommend that any fans of Roary make sure you seek out your nearest show. The Live Show is touring all over the UK throughout 2011, you can find your nearest tour date and venue at

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