Roary the Racing Car Ride On Review


“Love that car, my number one star” do these words mean anything to you, if they do you must have a little Roary fan and if so you need this toy!.

Along with the Wiggles, Roary the Racing Car is Jacob’s favourite character. Thomas doesn’t take much interest it’s too babyish, Roary is just for Jacob.

So when deciding on a Christmas present for Jacob we decided on the Roary the Racing Car Ride On

Even though  you only need to attach the wheels to the main body, it took ages to figure out how to do it. We couldn’t seem to get the wheels on for ages. In the end we got out a mallet to bang them on. It worked but was noisy, not the sort of thing you want to be doing at 9 o’clock at night on Christmas Eve.

When the wheels are on there’s the numerous amounts of decals that need to be applied, although it doesn’t take that long. You then just need to add the steering wheel and insert the sound box.

Styled to look just like a miniature version of the real thing, Jacob was amazed when he opened it up on Christmas Morning. He jumped straight on.

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When you press the horn of the steering wheel you get various Roary phrases, like “Go Roary Go” and “Vroom Vroom Vroom”. Jacob loved this but soon managed to unclip the sound box from the wheel. Now every time he plays with it, he just takes the sound part out and won’t stop pressing it.

The seat hides a compartment underneath, perfect for little cars and toys or half eaten biscuits!. My only niggle about this is that the seat is not hinged, it just comes off. Jacob just takes it off as soon as I put it on,  and sits in the hole.

Thomas had a Thomas the Tank Engine ride on when he was younger which had a hinged seat cover and that was a much better design. Jacob’s not at all bothered about sitting in the hole but it just looks uncomfortable.

It seems a bit lower to the ground than some other ride on’s that I’ve seen. Which means it’s better for younger little ones as they are able to shuffle themselves along the ground earlier than models that have the seats higher. 

For Roary Racing enthusiasts this is a must, my only negative point is the seat but it’s not worth discounting the whole toy for just that. 

There’s hours of fun to be had recreating Silverhatch races so Go Roary Go!.

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