Roborover is a cute baseball cap wearing streetwise robot which kids seem to relate to instantly. As soon as my son saw the advert for this mischievous little character, he thought he was so cool! Well we went to the toystore to take a closer look and he was well and truly hooked. And by the looks of the other children standing round looking in awe at him, so were they!

Apparently Roborover starts off shy but gradually grows in confidence the more he gets played with, until he emerges as the overly enthusiastic cocky so and so he appears in the advert.

Roborover is an explorer at heart, and as such endlessly reels off comments about exploring,adventure,treasure’s and the like. Young boys are such to enjoy this aspect, I mean how cool is it to have a robotic exploring pal to join you on your missions round the house.

My son’s favourite Roborover function is the spotlight he can turn on if it gets to dark, accompanied with the wise crack “lets put some light on the situation” My son just loved that!

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Aside from the headlamp, Roborover has front and back optical sensor so he can navigate his way round the room without bumping into objects. Which is good when being used in a playroom with the floor littered with toys, as he would be if he came to explore our house!  small obstacles like books or cushions are made light work off by Roborovers big treaded wheels. Great fun for the kids to make some ramps and traps for intrepid Roborover to navigate.

Lookout mode is another of Roborover tricks, where he stands guard and using his sensors detects movement and lets you know when there’s an intruder around. Great for keeping little sister out of the bedroom.

At an average price of £50.00 he’s not cheap, but when you think how much a robot like this would have cost you just a few years ago it’s a bargain. Also unlike previous years robotic creations that are pure novelty value and get left unplayed with after boxing day, I think Roborover will last the test of time. His explorer functions will instantly appeal to young boys, and his energetic fun loving character will mean he will be a firm favourite playmate for years to come.

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