Royal Wedding Bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop

Wedding fever is currently sweeping the country, and even the bears from the Build-A-Bear workshop are keen to get in on the act.They have released a beautiful set of wedding wear and accessories that will ensure that even your bears can take part in the fun and excitement of  the big day.

As well as the traditional wedding dress and tuxedo, from the 8th of April your bear will be able to get her hands on her very own Build-A-Bear version of Kate Middleton’s famous Issa engagement dress. This dress is guaranteed to look just as beautiful on your bear as it did on Kate, and best of all it will cost you a fraction of the price.

The fun doesn’t stop at just making sure your bear looks the part for the big day though, visit your local Build-A-Bear workshop during half term weekend and they can have a big day all of their own! In store on April 15th – 17th on the hour from noon – 5pm each day you and your bears can take part in a free group wedding ceremony. Everyone will receive a  certificate of matrimony, commemorative photograph and a virtual wedding gift to use online at

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