Scooby Doo 10in Bike Review


Yesterday was not a good day for the bike to arrive. Both of the boys were ill and me and my husband had  been up all night  dealing with everything (I wont go into details thankfully). 

So when at lunchtime the delivery driver rung the doorbell I opened the door in two minds. I was happy that the bike had arrived, as it cheered up a very poorly Thomas no end. Although it also meant tackling the construction of it very worse for wear due to lack of sleep. There was no way Thomas was waiting until tomorrow.

Fortunately due to the boys being unwell, my husband was around to help with putting it together. 

On opening the box we took out the instructions and checked that all the parts were included (a habit we’ve learned from experience). We found that the instructions were distinctly lacking .. um instructions. There was no mention whatsoever of the stabilisers, and we had screws and bolt nuts both different to what was listed or just not listed at all. Not a good start!.

As we had no instructions for the stabilisers, we decided to put the rest of the bike together first and whatever was left over would be for them. We were wrong!. 

It only took about 30 minutes until we were ready for the stabilisers, and began trying to figure them out. About an hour later, after endless attempts to get the left over bolt nuts to screw on, to no avail we gave up.

We even started dismantling the bike to see if we’d used the wrong ones previously, but we couldn’t seem to find enough of the bolt nuts that were the right size and fitted. It was so frustrating as essentially the bike was finished, it was just the stabilisers.

In the end my husband went back to the shed and hunted around, eventually finding two bolt nuts that would fit. Problem solved.

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It took about 3 hours all in all to put together, whilst  interspersed with Jacob running off with various parts and Thomas’ “is it done yet” and “when can I peddle”.

All finished and Thomas proudly rode around our conservatory and loved it.

 We haven’t tried it outside yet as he’s still not well enough. we’ve promised to take him to the park on the weekend with it,  and he can’t wait to try it outside. I’ll give you an update afterwards just to let you know what it’s like.

It’s a lovely little bike with cute Scooby Doo decals and matching colours. My son has been riding around supposedly chasing Redbeard the pirate and locking him in the tower of his Scooby Doo mansion.

 Its a good size for him, and the height of the handlebars and seat are easily adjusted. It’s small enough to be ridden inside aswell. 

In conclusion with missing and extra parts I was disappointed. Im sure if we hadn’t had been able to find some bolt nuts we could have rung the manufacturer, and they would have sent us some out. That’s not really the point, with a brand new product you shouldn’t have to do that. Also the shoddy instructions seriously need updating and improving. 

However even with the assembly problems In the end Im essentially happy with my purchase.

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