Scooby Doo Maps give you a clue


My little boy Thomas is Scooby Doo mad. He had a small dalliance with Ben 10, but now much prefers Scooby Doo again. I think the newest incarnation of Ben10 put him off. He doesn’t like that the Ben in Ben 10 Alien Force has grown up. I much prefer him liking Scooby anyway, not as violent!

Anyway as a craft project on the Easter weekend, we decided to make some maps. To help Scooby Doo navigate his way around all of his enemies and traps, and to remind him were the Scooby snacks are buried.

It was a great success he played with them for ages, and they were really simple. We drew a basic map together, and Thomas told me what traps and things to include. We made sure all of the monsters would be captured, and added some footprints and treasure as well.

The next step is to rub a used teabag over your map. I used felt tips for my first attempt but after the teabag step they ran a little, although they still look good. I next used crayons but as you can see from the bottom picture the colours arn’t so vivid, but close up it looks great. I think they both work well, however if you use felt tips try to make the teabags as dry as possible or they will run too much and make a hole in the paper. 

Wash over lightly with the teabag and then crumple the paper up, at this point my son cried as he thought I was chucking the map out. Console your child then uncrumple the map and leave out to dry. This shouldn’t take long as it shouldn’t be really wet.

When dried your map is ready for action. However if your child can be a little heavy handed or they have an over zealous younger sibling who enjoys ripping things (like Thomas does), you may want to cover the map in sticky back plastic. 

I bought a roll recently and have found endless uses for it. It worked wonders on the map, keeping it unrippable and wipe proof. I used it for making the Monster tokens I mentioned before and some quicksand and water , just by cutting some yellow and blue card and covering them too. 

This is an incredibly simple idea that you can make as complex as you like, and if you forgo the plastic  it costs nothing to make as everyone has some pens and paper and tea bags in the house already.

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