SES Creative Observation Dome and Survival Sticks – Review

Our next assignment from the John Crane Craniacs has arrived, it’s a bug observation dome and some survival glow sticks from their SES Creative Explore range.

Now creepy crawlies are not my thing at all! However we have had a lot of fun with the observation dome, although admittedly not with any actual live insects yet.

Although the boys try to make out that they’re not afraid of anything, Neither of them have plucked up the courage to pick up anything living yet to put in, but we have had a lot of fun watching the pretend spider that comes with the dome. The boys have also had a good time running around the house, and digging out everything small enough to go into the dome to investigate them more closely.

We’ve had Lego, Lego men, Army Men, Keys, Stones, Crayons, Fingers, food, everything that’s small enough to be slotted through the hatch has been.

I’m trying to convince Jacob to try picking up a worm to give it a go, but as yet he’s still a bit weary. Whether we will progress onto living insects I’m not sure, but we are having a good time anyway!

Now as you know both the boys are obsessed with Star Wars, so when I say that the other product we received for review was a set of survival Glow Sticks, you can probably imagine what’s coming next.

Yes, Totally disregarding their intended purpose yet again, they both decided that the best use of the glow sticks would be as makeshift light sabres.

Once activated by a quick snap the sticks will glow for around 24 hours before they die down. Plenty of time for Thomas and Jacob to fit in a few epic light sabre battles. One of which I filmed for your entertainment below.

I’m not sure how much surviving they would do if the boys really were stranded in a dark forest or something, as they would probably be too busy having a laugh and running around attacking each other.

I was surprised by how bright they were, definitely considering that this video was taken in the middle of the day. When it got properly dark later on they looked amazing!

Both products are very cool, and would be a great gift for your kids first sleepover night in a tent or similar.


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