Silly Moo – Review

Were back again with another wonderful games review, thanks to us being part of the John Adams Games group.

Silly Moo is a really simple but utterly hilarious fun game to play with the kids. With anything remotely to do with Poo the funniest thing ever to a 6-year-old, this game was onto a sure thing from the start.

The aim of the game is to end up with more milk bottles than cow pats. Simple rules that everyone can understand.

To play firstly you need to load up your Silly Moo with her Milk Bottles and cow pats. You do this by pulling the tail and loading up each item into its box in the back. This is really easy to do and takes about a minute at the most.

I actually found it useful to load it up again once we’d finished, as it’s so quick to do, means your ready to play straight away next time, plus it means that all the little pieces won’t go missing between plays. Very useful bit of storage.

Jacob even found simply loading the game up really fun, so when we actually got down to the playing of it he was already happy.

To play you roll a dice, and that will decide how many tugs on the udders you get. You pull at one of the udders the specified amount, and if you are lucky something will pop out the back of Silly Moo for you. It could be a milk bottle which will earn you a point, or even a golden milk bottle which earns you 2 points, or you could get the pat which docks you a point.

The winner is the player who at the end has the most points. You know when Silly Moo has dropped all of her little presents when her eyes suddenly pop out. So don’t forget to press those back in when you’ve loaded her up.

We all loved Silly Moo, a brilliant family game that the little ones will go mad for. Too much laughing!!

Disclosure: We received Silly Moo as part of our participation in the John Adams Games Blogger Group.


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