Skylanders:Spyro’s Adventure

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to be invited down by Activision to come and see an amazing new game they have been working on, the title in question was Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure.

Now you may be wondering why Toybuzz a predominantly toy related website attended  the preview of a new computer game – well the simple answer is Skylanders is not just a game – it’s a brand new exciting concept where the game and real world figures interact meaning you can literally “Bring your toys to life”.

Skylanders is a really exciting new crossover between your regular video game and kids favourite action figures. Using a device called the Portal of Power you can teleport your toys directly into the game on the screen, which is amazing. Whilst watching the demo of the game, and also having the chance to play the game myself, all I kept thinking was “The kids will love this!”.

The story behind the game is Spyro the Dragon has now joined the legendary group of characters known as Skylanders, and with his friends has to save the planet Skyland from the evil portal master Kaos.

There are over 30 characters in all to collect, each one with different moves and attacks. Each of the characters will be from one of 8 elemental groups, Air, Magic, Fire, Undead, Life, Earth, Water, and Tech.

Changing characters on the fly is as easy as lifting your figure off the portal of power and simply placing the new one on. As you travel through the levels there will be puzzles and enemies that maybe another character would be better equipped to tackle, or even areas which only characters of a certain elemental class will be able to enter, so you’ll be switching back and for characters a lot.

The figures themselves will have “brains” that remember everything that you do as you play . All the power ups you collect, gold coins, battle upgrades will be saved inside your toy. This is brilliant in that if you go round a friend’s house for a game of Skylanders and place your Spyro or Trigger Happy onto their portal of power, your figure will play exactly the same as it does when your home.

I’ve told Thomas all about the game and he is tremendously excited, This game really is right up his street. To be honest I’m surprised no-one has tried to integrate toys and games in this way before, as I know from experience that my boys will go straight from playing Lego Star Wars or Mario on the TV, and then reenact the levels with their soft toys and action figures afterwards.

Also kids love collecting everything! So the idea that you can unlock new areas of the game when you add new characters to your figure collection is genius.

However the thing I was most impressed with about Skylanders was the fact that the developers haven’t just added the toy element and thought well that’s enough for the kids, they’re gonna lap this up, they have actually gone the extra mile by putting it all together with an exciting adventure storyline written by Toy Story writers Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, and an amazing soundtrack by the wonderful Hans Zimmer. Toys for Bob have worked really hard to create a game that kids will really want to play.

Skylanders : Spyro’s Adventure is due to be released sometime during Autumn 2011, and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

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