Smiggle – Review

This week the Toybuzz boys have been a total whirlwind of creativeness, thanks to the amazing bundle of Smiggle goodies we were sent.

Smiggle are a cool Australian stationary company which are this week branching out over to blighty, opening a store this Wednesday at Westfield Stratford. This will be followed by further store launches in Reading, Brighton and Kingston. You can also check them out at their website

The main thing that struck me about all the lovely things we received was the sense of humour and fun the brand has. Everything was very vibrant and vivid, the theming of the notepads and pens were wonderful, the boys and I just loved the direction of the brand immediately.

We received a great array of different stationary goodies – pens, colouring pencils, notepads, rulers and rubbers, pencil cases, and some great creative activity packs like a scratch art book.

The felt tip pens come in a brilliant plastic case, which is really handy for keeping them tidy. They are slightly smelly too, but not overpowering like some can be. A nice subtlety.

Jacob’s favourite product has been the scratch book. You get lots of black pages and a little plastic stick with which to scratch the black away. Underneath the black is a myriad of colours, so the image you scratch away looks stunning. It’s great fun, and gives you a really dramatic effect.

No sooner had Thomas and Jacob dove into the bag of Arty loveliness, Thomas had come up with the perfect project for him to use them with. He formed the ‘Minecraft Colouring Club’ for him and his school buddies.

Everyday he’s been travelling to school with his backpack full to the brim of colouring pens, sketch books and pencils. All the materials he and his friends need for some cool creative fun at playtime.  I’ve been amazed by some of the things they have all come up with. Plus I’m really happy that for the past week he’s been spending more time drawing at the kitchen table than playing his tablet.

Apologies to Smiggle that the only thing he’s been colouring is video game related, but at least it’s cut down his screen time for a while.

Smiggle’s name means “Where a smile meets a giggle”, and from what I’ve seen in the few days my boys have been busy Smiggle, the name is very very apt :)

If your lucky enough to live anywhere near Westfield Stratford I would highly recommend giving the new store a visit on opening day Thursday 20th February. I only wish I lived nearby as I’d be there for sure.

Disclosure: We received a selection of Smiggle products in order for us to give an honest review

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