Sonic Boom 3DS/Wii U – Review

This close to christmas is a blur isn’t it. This year especially for me seems extra busy. Thomas has been off school sick, I’ve got a driving test in a few days and to add to it all my washing machine has packed up so I’m having to hand wash everything for the moment. Phew!

Thank goodness for some new video games to help us all wind down after a busy day, plus keep Thomas entertained whilst on his sick-bed.

Thanks to the lovely people again at Nintendo we’ve been playing the two new Sonic the hedgehog games. Sonic Boom:Shattered Crystal on the 3DS and Sonic Boom:Rise of Lyric on the Wii U.

They may both bear the Sonic Boom name, but they are very different games.

Shattered Crystal on the 3DS is more of a regular platform game. With the now familiar Sonic targeting system. Rise of Lyric on the Wii U is more about solving puzzles, with some battles along the way.

Whilst it’s nice to have a new Sonic game on both the main console and a mobile version. For us we much preferred Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on the Wii U.

It’s great that 2 players can play together. Thanks to the Wii U gamepad’s screen, each player actually goes of separately in places and completes puzzles apart then coming back together when finished. It’s very cool.

It’s also good to see a new villain thrown into the mix, as Eggman needs a rest I’m sure. Although we do see Eggman at the start, most of the time our nemesis is a robot crocodile type creature called Lyric. He’s also the bad guy in Shattered Crystal on the 3DS.

As a family we would highly recommend Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It was really good, one of the best Sonic games I’ve played for years.

Unfortunately we didn’t get on so well with Shattered Crystal on the 3DS. We just kept getting lost and spending 15-20 mins completing every level, which wasn’t that fun.

So For us we give the thumbs up to the Wii U version.

Disclosure: We were given a download code for both games in order for us to write an honest review.






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