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I’ve just been trawling the internet on the lookout again for some Special Agent Oso toys. I do this every few months just waiting for all of the Oso merchandise to come rolling in but there’s always nothing, That was until today!

Jacob has always loved watching Oso, and I think he’s just been crying out for a toy range as he’s so cute, cuddly and funny but for some reason the toys have never materialised until now.

I’ve just found ¬†loads of Special Agent Oso toys on Amazon, soft plush Oso, Oso action figures even an RR Rapid train. The only problem is that it’s obviously only been released in America as the Amazon merchants are selling it at some really inflated prices.

I have to admit it really gets my goat when companies don’t release the toys worldwide at the same time, because it’s ultimately us the customers who’s kids either miss out, or end up paying way over the odds to have it whilst the company decides when to release it over here in the UK.

I had the same problem last year with the Handy Manny Fix It Motorcycle, Jacob really really loved the movie and I wanted to get the toy for him but it was only available in the US. I ended up ordering it from the Disney Store USA and paying about 3 times the price that I should have. The bike was released in UK Disney Stores eventually this year, but at least 9 months after I bought it.

It’s not only us UK parents that suffer from this either it works both ways, I have read a lot of comments from Overseas parents this year bemoaning the lack of Chuggington Toys in the US and Australia when we had lots on offer.

I understand that there are bigger problems in the world then making sure your kids get a toy of their favourite cartoon character for Christmas, but as a parent what are you gonna do? Do you buy something else for Christmas that they’re not really as into, or do you pay the extra and buy something you know will make them so happy they squeal with delight on Christmas day.

I have to admit I can still see the look of love on my sons face when he first played with his Handy Manny Motorcycle, so overpriced or not if you can afford it I know what I would do.

As a plus point because these are selling through Amazon UK and not from the US at least you” forgo those horrendous custom charges that I got stung by.

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3 thoughts on “Special Agent Oso Toys

  • November 29, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    They have a few different oso toys in smyths toy superstore, there are only a few stores in the uk but should deliver. There out of stock at the mo but more stock in a few weeks.

  • December 14, 2010 at 9:57 am

    I got the Oso Whirlybird for my son in Smyths for £19.99, Smyths are not selling the Oso toys online so I had to dispatch Nanny & Grandad to a store as none near us!!!! The amazon prices are a rip-off, compare the price of the toys in the US; Whirlybird is $19.99 at Walmart, we all know UK prices are higher than US but there is no way they are worth such inflated prices!!! Sellers are cashing in as they are not yet widely available here!!!!

  • January 24, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    went to new york recently to the largest disney store in the u.s and guess what? they didnt stock one oso product. like the previous comment smyths toystore online is your best bet as they sponser playhouse disney.

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