Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter – Review

The Amazing Spider-Man was one of the most anticipated movies in the Toybuzz household this summer. After the thrill of watching the Avengers on the big screen, we all couldn’t wait to see what the reboot of Spider Man was going to be like.

Obviously we all loved it, I thought Andrew Garfield did a really great job as Peter Parker. There was however something Jacob was looking forward to nearly as much as the movie itself, New Spider-Man Toys!

So imagine his delight when we were sent The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter from The Disney Store for us to review.

The Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter comes with the strap to the wrist web shooter, and 5 web bullets. It doesn’t however come with the Spider-Man Glove which is a bit disappointing. However if you have another of The Amazing Spider-Man toys like the Dual Web Blaster you can use that glove with the Rapid Fire Web Shooter just fine.

I’m sure this is true of most young boys, but Jacob has a real love of toys which include flying projectiles. Nerf guns especially. So the Rapid Fire Web Blaster is the best of both worlds for him, combining his love of Spider-Man with his attraction for fast flying bullets.

The fact that it fits on his wrist and he can flick his fingers and make the webs fly just like Spidey is his favourite part. Ever since we went on holiday 2 years ago and met Spider-Man there, the special thing he does with his fingers has been an important part of Spider-Man to Jacob. Spider-Man spent about 5 minutes showing Jacob how to do the web slinging fingers properly, and it really stuck with him.

The web’s you shoot are obviously not webs but plastic darts. This didn’t hamper Jacob’s enthusiasm though, he didn’t question why they weren’t real webs or anything.

The one drawback we found with the darts is the colour. They are a really light grey colour, and almost immediately one got lost.  So be careful to keep an eye on where you are shooting, as you could have a hard job finding them again afterwards.

The box specifically mentions not to use any other darts in the product, so apart from getting replacements from the manufacturer you’ll have one less dart.

Take care whilst reloading. I very nearly got hit by a bullet whilst loading the shooter, so now always point the web shooter down whilst loading bullets, and make sure you read the instructions (which I initially didn’t do and that’s why I nearly got hit). Rotate the barrel of the shooter manually when reloading, not by pushing the release button. The Bullets can fly out at you if you press the button down, they will not when you turn the barrel manually.

Another thing to be aware of is the speed and velocity in which the web bullets are fired. They are very fast and travel a long way (4m), so make sure that your youngster knows never to aim at the face or eyes as it could be quite dangerous.

The recommended age is 5+ and I think that is a good call by Hasbro, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving it to children any younger. My Jacob is 5 in 2 months, so I think he can be trusted, but he still has to be well supervised with it.

In my opinion it’s not one for the youngest of fans, but Spider-Man lovers over 5 will really appreciate being able to sling webs just like their hero.

Thanks to the Disney Store for sending us The Amazing Spider-Man Rapid Fire Web Shooter for review.

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