Spiderman 3 Webworld Final Battle Playset – Review

Thomas has been really bored this week, Easter holidays are getting to him. No matter how many times we go to the park or go for a trip to the shops as soon as he’s home he’s bored.

Yesterday out of the blue he asked me if Spiderman was on the telly, he’s never asked for Spiderman before but apparently his friends in nursery like Spidey. It jogged my memory about the Spidermen set we bought him for Christmas. I’d only bought it as it was heavily discounted, reduced from £40.00 to £16.00 and was a nice big sized present for the money. I’d tried to put it together on Christmas Eve but gave up after about an hour, my brain was frazzled and he’d had so many other things I just put it away in the cupboard.

After he was safely tucked up in bed, I took the playset out of the cupboard and set about making it. It took around an hour and a half to put it all together, and around 40 minutes of that was struggling with one pesky piece I couldn’t figure out. It can be quite frustrating, as you put one piece in another pops out. It needs a lot of perseverance.

Once all set up it looks mighty impressive, over two feet tall and full of traps and trap doors I knew Thomas was going to love it.

As soon as he saw it in the morning he was hooked, he’s played with it all day only stopping for drinks and meals.

The set  is a reconstruction of the big fight scene from Spiderman 3 in the empty construction site. It has a giant Sandman, New Goblin on a flying hoverboard, Venom and of course a Spiderman figure. 

The Sandman attaches onto the side of the crane and swings around, he flies off the set if you press a barrel on the bottom which Thomas really likes. He also has a hidden slit in his hand and stomach, which you can place Spiderman inside so it looks like the Sandman is sucking up spidey. Very cool!

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The new goblin’s hoverboard attaches to a rubber stick and looks like he’s flying, it can also be attached to the crane and can be manouvered around.

There’s a lift with a trap door and a trap door into a spiders web which both provide lots of falling fun.

On top of the crane is a workers cab with a working flashlight attached. The light shines bright red and moves around so Spidey can search out where his enemies are hiding.

The struts of the set Will fall out during play, but are easily inserted back in. It’s a small price to pay for the fun that my son’s got out of it, even in just one day.

I would certainly recommend this set to all Spiderman fans and their parents.

One thought on “Spiderman 3 Webworld Final Battle Playset – Review

  • December 27, 2010 at 2:33 am

    Why {was} there a TETRAX figure (from Ben 10) in the picture of a Spiderman Final Battle Playset?

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