Spin Mania – Review

Todays review is another brilliantly fun family game we were sent from makers Drumond Park, Spin Mania.

If you’ve ever been the one sat on the sofa watching someone on the tv doing some plate spinning thinking ‘I could do that’ (which I think is just about everyone). Then this is definitely the game for you.

Plate spinning is one of those things that  although looks skilled and impressive, also seems doable at the same time. Well that’s how I’ve always felt, so I really couldn’t wait to have a go at Spin Mania. I was as eager as the kids.

The main component of Spin Mania is the Spin Machine. This sets your plates spinning, but also times your performance.

The aim of the game is to get your 3 plates spinning on their stands in the shortest amount of time. All 3 plates must be spinning at the same time to finish. So you need to be quick, as if you take too long your first plate may have stopped already, and you’ll need to respin it.

As if this wasn’t enough the game is even trickier than it first seems, as your opponent is in charge of placing the plate stands around the room – And you’re not allowed to look!

The boys and I started off getting to grips with the spinning plates, and it instantly had us in stitches as we just couldn’t stop laughing. Initially we just took it in turns putting the plates on the stands on the floor. It’s a tad tricky initially, but we soon got the hang of it. And once we’d mastered that, we went onto the real game.

Thomas needed to be told a few times about placement of the plate stands, because even though your opponent can put them pretty much where they like without you looking, they still have to be visible. He kept putting one behind the sofa! Anyway once we’d worked that out we had a great laugh.

Even though it’s timed and is a game, it doesn’t feel overly competitive playing it. Obviously you want to be the quickest, but the boys had a great sense of achievement from just competing I think.

It’s also fun if you just want to play by yourself, trying to beat your own time or simply honing your skills for later.

It’s very simple to set up, takes literally a minute to have everything out and ready to play. So it’s a great game for when the kids seem to be seemingly buzzing with energy, and need something to burn it off . A good 10 minute blast before bedtime for example.

The only slight negative is the need for 2 C sized batteries which are not included. These are not the kind of batteries you usually would have lying around the house, so make sure you pick some up when you get the game.

Spin Mania is a fun and energetic game which will delight children of all ages. The box states players 6+ but my nearly 5 year old Jacob was fine once he’d had a bit of practice. Great family fun!

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