Star Trek Toys!

So the wait is now over, the new Star Trek film is finally here, and so are the toys!

I’ll admit right now I’m not a huge Star Trek fan  (I’ve always preferred Battlestar Galactica), but I do think that the toys are really cool.

I’ve always wanted doors that make that great whistling noise when they open, but for now I think the next best thing is the Star Trek USS Enterprise bridge set. Complete with the huge TV screen that they have on the show. You can also connect the Star Trek Transporter Set onto the bridge as well for the full Star Trek experience. Complete with all original authentic transporter sounds, apparently you can see the figures dematerialise and reappear before your very eyes, don’t ask me how but it sounds good.

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My favourite character has to be Bones McCoy, so of course the toy I most want is his legendary Tricorder. Cure illnesses and diagnose special alien flu with the wave of an arm. Promising more authentic lights and sounds, I hope it has that lovely clicky sound it used to make.

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I think the best toy for imaginative play is the Star Trek Starfleet Communicator, basically a fancy hi tech mobile phone, always a kids favourite.  With a quick flick of the wrist you can open the phone in style, just like your on screen hero’s. The circular display on the top of the communicator displays images of Spook and Kirk as you hear them talking to you. I think this would be a big hit with my son, but as he hasn’t actually seen Star Trek he wouldn’t know who he’s talking too.

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I’m not sure how many children playing with these toy’s will do so because of seeing the movie and wanting them, seeing all the merchandise and advertising and wanting them or having them bought by TV nostalgia loving parents. However I do think they will enjoy them whatever the reason!

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