Star Wars Clone Wars Light Up Scooter – Review

For the past few weeks we’ve been testing out the Star Wars Clone Wars Light Up Scooter from Ozbozz.

As you’ll already know Thomas is already a massive Star Wars geek, and Jacob is quickly catching him up (hence the T-shirt!)

From being a household without a scooter, we’ve gone to having 3 now in a matter of months. Jacob mostly uses the younger Mini Micro Scooter , but Thomas thinks he’s a bit big for that at nearly 6 so we bought him a cheap 2 wheel scooter to get along with. Now we’ve added the new Light Up Clone Wars scooter to our collection, I’m afraid the other 2 wheeler doesn’t get a look in, even Jacob can’t resist taking it for a quick ride whilst Thomas isn’t looking.

For starters it looks amazing, the graphics going all the way down the handle all the way to the footplate are incredibly vibrant and illustrate the Clone Wars universe beautifully.

However the staring feature is the Bright Red Light Up LED strip along the side of the footplate, It really makes this scooter stand out and get noticed. Obviously in very sunny conditions the lights don’t really do much, but in most light conditions and especially the dark they look very cool!

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The lights can easily be turned off and on via a button underneath the scooter, but be warned that if your kids are anything like mine they will soon find it and be turning it on again as soon as it gets turned off. The Lights were certainly the Highlight of the scooter in my boys eyes, and they weren’t ever being turned off.

Apart from the graphics and flashing LED’s, it’s operates just like any other normal scooter. It folds and locks into place for easy transportation, you can adjust the handlebar height quickly and simply, and the brake is applied by pushing down over the back wheel.

We’ve been using the scooter for around 3 weeks now and haven’t had any problems as yet. Despite wanting the flashing LED’s on at all times whilst scooting along, the 4 AA batteries which I installed when it arrived are still going strong. The only slight problem I’m having is referring the fights my boys are having over whose turn it is.

If just looking for a scooter there are so many different types and styles out there to choose from, however if you’re looking for a scooter for a Star Wars or Clone Wars fan this has to be the one to go for! My son said he feel’s like Darth Vader and Darth Maul rolled together riding it, and that’s the kind of praise money just can’t buy.

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