Star Wars Force Trainer

Do you feel the force the force flowing through you, want to become a Jedi master, feel the need to move stuff around without touching it, then this is the toy for you.

The Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer is a nifty gadget that helps you harness your brain power to perform so cool Jedi mind tricks sure to impress the family around the dining table after christmas dinner.

The included headseat reads your brainwaves using cutting edge EEG technology, interpreting your signals and passing the information to the sensor inside the training tube. The harder and more intensly you concentrate correctly on moving the ball in the tube, the higher and faster the ball will rise to the top thus demonstrating your mastery of the Force.

As you progress through the 15 levels of training you will hear tips from Master Yoda himself, and other Star Wars sound effects to confirm accomplishment and for motivation whilst perfecting your skills.

Use your new found powers to progress all the way from Padawan to Jedi Master. The training tube control panel display’s your current Jedi level and also how far you’ve advanced through the level.

However much Star Wars want to actually believe that this device is actually using the force, it’s not. The headset does actually detect the brain waves you send the device, however it then activates a small fan and that’s what makes the ball float. That said it does not take away from the skill and concentration you need to get the device to work, your brainwaves still control how high it goes and how much it moves. It’s still very impressive to see.

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The Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer is guaranteed to keep your children happy and entertained for a good amount of time, also they’ll be so busy concentrating it’ll keep them quiet too.

Well worth the money for a few hours of peace I’m sure you’ll agree.

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