Star Wars Mighty Beanz – Review

As soon as I found out that Spinmaster were releasing a new set of Mighty Beanz based around Star Wars I just knew that this was set to be Thomas’ latest collecting obsession, and boy was I right. So when we were kindly sent some to review I was thrilled, but also slightly apprehensive about what was about to get started.

It was his 5th birthday last Saturday so I added the brand new Mighty Beanz Star Wars Collectors Case to his already huge haul of birthday gifts. It turns out that amongst everything he received his Darth Vadar styled Mighty Beanz tin was his bestest present (his words not mine).

This set of tin and beanz has been such a hit with him that he’s taken it to the school playground to show all of his pals (twice), and he even takes it to bed with him!

They have also worked really well for bribe purposes (probably too well!!). My mother promised him a pack of the Star Wars Mighty Beanz for every good boy sticker he brought home from school (as a background he hadn’t had any up to this point). This week he’s got 5 already, and he’s hoping to get more today. I think my mother is seriously going to regret this deal!

The Tin holds 40 Mighty Beanz across the two sides, Thomas has divided it into a goodies side and a baddies side. The only problem is that there is over 80 Beanz to collect so eventually he’s going to need 2 tins.

The Collectors tin comes with two limited Editon Beanz, we got Darth Vadar (80)  and Luke Skywalker  (81) The higher up in numbers they are the more limited they are I think. I do think that the tin is a little pricy at £20 for just the tin and the 2 beanz, I feel there should probably have been 6 beanz included. However my son who doesn’t yet recognise the value of money would probably have been just as overjoyed with the  tin on it’s own.

To build up your collection you’ll need to buy the special packs of Star Wars Mighty Beanz, which contain 4 beanz and cost £5. These I think are good value for money, 4 for £5 is just right I think. Luckily Thomas had a few pounds birthday money which he is going to put towards getting a few more packets, saving Mum’s pocket for a bit.

All in all the collectors tin has been a huge birthday success, and even though there’s a lot more collecting to be done until we get the full set, I’ve no doubts that he’ll get there in the end and love every minute along the way.

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